Two and a Half TODAY!

Our spring break has been fun…after the rainy day hair styling extravaganza last Saturday, the weather cleared and we enjoyed a trip to the drive-in double feature one evening, a visit to the zoo with friends, a couple of afternoons at the beach and a trek to Ventura for a WalMart run and there is talk of setting up a Lemonade/Avocado stand later today!  Rudy has tagged along for most of it but did stay home with his respite nurse for the beach outings. 

I’ve really been blessed by how well the kids have gotten along this week.  They certainly have their moments of sibling strife but this week there just seemed to be an atmosphere of finding joy in one another and I treasured it.  They all sure smothered Rudy with kisses and hugs and he literally glowed with every glance from a big sib.  Wilson and I were playing with Rudy yesterday and at a particularly poignant moment in our discussion, I asked Wil if he ever thinks about losing Rudy and he said, “yeah, alot”.  I told him that I was sorry he had to live with that kind of worry and he said it was okay because he wouldn’t change a thing…he wouldn’t have wanted not to have Rudy at all.  Yep, I agree!

Today marks 30 months for Rudy…2 1/2 years old!  Another monthly milestone and 30 months for which we are profoundly grateful.  Each day that turns into a week that becomes a month with Rudy is an absolute gift – a miracle that we pray we don’t ever take for granted. 

Happy 30 months Rudy!


Ornery Rudy!
'Bout the only animal Rudy could actually see at the zoo and even then he was more interested in watching the kids look at the gorilla!
Ahhh, spring fever has hit!

Trish’s Happy Place…a visit to WalMart and a stop at Chick-fil-a…seems to be a happy place for Rudy too!

15 thoughts on “Two and a Half TODAY!

  1. Walmart and Chik Fil A……heck yeah, woman! I’m jealous! So glad you all are enjoying your spring break! xoxo, K

  2. Wow. What a jam-packed Spring Break! Sounds like fun! We’ve just been pounded by unending rain…..

    Your talk with Wilson made me sad. Still praying for miracles!

    Much love to you guys!


  3. Thrilled you are all enjoying your Spring break and Happy 2 1/2 B-day Rudy. Praying for you as always. Hugs and kisses from SD.

  4. Love the bouncing seat, those three brother were bebopping right along on those lovely chickfila seats!

    What sweet and kind children you have raised. Rudy sure is getting tall at 30 months! Looking forward to the next milestone.

  5. LOVE the kids enjoying the bouncing seat…and the joy on all of their faces! Priceless!

    And so glad to hear you had a peaceful week together!

  6. Way to roll Rudy! I do like that Rudy is representing the Denver Broncos in the first picture…That’s my boy!

  7. Leaving you is harder now than the day I left. How grateful I am for this blog so I can see and hear all of you are continuing to make the most of each day. Another birthday milestone, Rudy..grandma prays for a miracle every day to bring you a long life and protect the health of your family. Hi to all.

  8. well if it’s a b-day then here we go-happy birthday too you you live in a zoo you don’t like to look at gorrilla’s happy birthday too you!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Happy B-day and Spring Break!!! Awesome Auburn chair and outfit Rudy! For ONCE the video actually WORKED!!!!! It’s a miracle! Rudy’s a tough little boy and we all hope we will lose him out of old age. It looks like the gorilla is holding the kid. We also have our tissue box stories! I want to go to Chick-fil-a!!! Next time you go you need to bring me.

  10. So glad Spring Break was fun! Happy 2.5 birthday, Rudy!
    Love you guys! What a big journey you are on.

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