And the Oscar (and a donut) Goes To…

The Birthday Girl!! Happy Birthday to Trish!

20 thoughts on “And the Oscar (and a donut) Goes To…

  1. Haha, Happy Birthday Trish!!
    My goodness that donut looks good…you know you shouldn’t flaunt these kind of things in front of a pregnant woman. Now I have to send Justin out on a donut run 😉

    Sending you lots of love and hugs on your special day!


  2. Happy Birthday Trishie! Have a wonderful time celebrating your life! I will think of you as we watch the Oscars tonight! Hannah’s Bday is today as well and she sends you kisses! xoxo

  3. Wow!!! Thank you everybody! I enjoyed my day o’ Oscars and all the fabulous appetizers Rolf prepared. I’m so happy “The King’s Speech” won! Yippy All the well-wishes filled my day with love…thank you!!

  4. Tried to call you by phone. Why didn’t I think to use the blog? Yes, I STILL use a land line — just don’t think to go with modern technology. I am definitely not into this century. Even without my timely greetings, however, I know you had a wonderful birthday. I will NEVER forget the celebration that went on the morning you were born. Steven had prayed prior to your birth, “Please God bring us a girl. We have to many boys around here now!” We were thrilled to have you then AND we are still thrilled to have you now. Love you, sweetheart, Mama

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