Rudy was ready to be the mascot for Livy’s Brownie troop’s Austria presentation at Thinking Day yesterday, but stayed home due to the rain. We still had to post this for reasons of sheer cuteness and to warm the hearts of all our readers back in Austria (Rudy’s HUGE over there). Rewind the clock about 42 years and you pretty much get my childhood (because all the kids dressed like this in New Jersey, Mom!)

[I also trust you’re impressed with the standing trick. If we put the little yodler against the back of the couch and help him lock his legs, he can stay up for a good 30 seconds–but good luck getting him to keep the hat on that long!]

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16 thoughts on “Rudy-ey-hee-hoo!

  1. Awe Rudy you are darling. Have a great weekend. pryaing you’ll be standing and walking around on your own sometime soon. Hugs.

  2. SO cute. And so grown up looking, too. So sorry about the New Jersey memories, Rolf. Of course, that was how ALL the kids dressed. Sigh.

  3. He’s ADORABLE! Does he like it? Or is it torture for him? Don’t put him through too much laderhosen! They say people who wear laderhosen are contagious.

  4. That little man is just adorable! And he looks pretty pleased with himself. But I’m sure there will be payback, Rolf! Just wait about 16 years..

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