Preparing for Pulmonology

It seems to have become our custom to start off the new year with a round through all of Rudy’s doctors.  Last week was cardiology, endocrinology and labs.  Tomorrow (Tuesday) we’ll hit the road early for a pulmonology appointment at UCLA.  This will be the first time since we learned that Rudy failed his sleep test so we’ll be interested to see if there’s any course of action to address this.  Hoping so, but also preparing for another one of those inconclusive outcomes that come with our confounding little patient.

Of late we’ve felt like we’re stumbling through a lot of life–so we welcomed the confounding 80-degree weather here in Santa Barbara this holiday weekend and headed for the beach.  Along with this respite, there come the daily ones from taking joy in the moment and embracing it when the opportunity comes.  Tonight at dinner we had one of those moments.  Just had to give you a taste via video:

19 thoughts on “Preparing for Pulmonology

  1. Aside from Wilson amazing magical-ness, it is so SWEET to see how far Rudy has progressed in just the past six months. HEARING his laughter, seeing him sit in the big chair, wholeheartedly interacting with his big bro…I feel blessed.

  2. Was Rudy nipping some sherry? 😉 Too funny. I feel his happiness just being with big bro and it is so heart warming. Thank you for sharing.

  3. How much of life should be lived “in the now.” None of us have any guarantees of a tomorrow, so we should enjoy what we have today. Meanwhile I pray that you enjoy all of your todays with your sweet family!

  4. It never ceases to amaze me how much children enjoy things, especially over and over. Oh, to be a child again!

  5. Thanks for the Rudy-fix! I was starting to go through withdrawals! Thinking of you today! Anxious to hear what the doctors say. Love you!!

  6. Too wonderful! Wilson has a future in the magical world of Child Development making children laugh! Rudy is so blessed, God really does pick his families to fit just right. A blessing for me to hear Rudy’s laugh. Thanks once again for sharing your family joy.

  7. thank you, Thank You, THANK YOU for sharing that moment of pure joy! I am reminded that no matter the physical shape or “medical condition,” Rudy has the most perfect, loving heart! The path may not be clear but the journey is exactly as it is supposed to be…I see your family growing in ways no one could have expected and know you are continually surrounded by love and care. Peace to all of you each step of the way.

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