A Weekend To Remember…

This weekend was one of those special celebrations that marks the passage of time and reminds you that life sweetly marches on…:)   We were blessed to participate in the wedding of Kristina Drummond and Sam Fluitt.  We first met Bob and Kathy Drummond and their girls (Kristina and Amy) almost twenty years ago and over these past two decades, this special family has grown to be our dearest friends…family away from family!  Having had both Kristina and Sam live with us at different times in the past couple of years, our whole family feels a special connection to this weekend’s bride and groom and we were all so honored to participate in the ceremony in some way…

And so the weekend began with rehearsal fun...
Introducing Rudy to Krispy Kreme!!! It's a good thing SB doesn't have a Krispy Kreme...
Rudy was the only male allowed in the "Bride's Room"! Ha Ha
Waiting for the bridesmaids and flower girl to get ready!
Almost ready!
Olivia's first limo ride...and she LIKED it!!!
As previously posted...Max and Wilson the greeters!
Rolf the Officiant!
The big boys had their time with the bride out on the dance floor...


...and Olivia with the groom...
...but Rudy fell asleep long before the party ended!
Well Done Drummonds!
Congratulations Nina and Sam!

Rudy actually had a tough time during the wedding and reception with two occurances of his trach coming out while on Wilson’s watch which, understandably, rattled big bro…Rudy was fitful and not easily comforted most of the day.  Because we have had a challenging couple of weeks with trach issues and more  discomfort than ususal, I’m eager for our appointment with Dr. Harake tomorrow morning.  It’ll be good to check in with cardiology.  ‘Thankful, though, that the wedding was a special memory maker for the rest of us and Rudy hung in there allowing the weekend to happen for our family!   I sang “Be Thou My Vision” in the ceremony and I was struck by the closing words of the fourth verse…”Heart of my own heart, whatever befall, Still be my Vision, O Ruler of all.”  Whatever befall…we are grateful God is present and we don’t have to walk this walk of life alone

7 thoughts on “A Weekend To Remember…

  1. Loved the pic of him sound asleep at the wedding, Jayden would have been passed out with him.

    Please keep us updated as to how the appointment goes and thanks for sharing. We’ll keep praying and reading about travel’s with Rudy!

  2. Amen, Trish! You are not walking alone…God is walking with you along with a bazillion others who love and pray for you, Rolf, Wilson, Max, Livvy and Rudy! So glad to be one of the gazillion! Love you!!

  3. What a beautiful bride! And Olivia looks like a natural up there! I wish I could have heard you sing Aunt Trish, and if I know you, it must have been beautiful. “By the power invested in me, by my natural program passer-outer sons who made me get up on this stage, I now pronounce you man and wife.” Thanks for answering my question from the second wedding post.

  4. Needed a picture with YOU in it, Trish – I’m sure you outshone the bride, dear girl. Your kids look wonderful, all dressed up with someplace to go. Olivia looks so pleased and proud to be in that limo – what a great experience for her, and for all of you. Many prayers to cover tomorrow’s visit. And you’re so right, that last verse of “Be Thou My Vision” is a killer. Whatever befalls….so glad it’s true, though, aren’t you? Love to you all.

  5. So many of the “Rudy Nation” anxiously await your updates and none more than your families. All of us marvel that you make the time to keep these reports coming. My heart is heavy with thoughts of you but also aware that God is in control. Days like this special wedding are reminders that God’s children everywhere are recipients of His grace. May it be so with our precious Rudy.

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