Discharged and headed home!

A longer post will come in the next day or so, but just wanted to quickly report that Trish and Rudy were discharged late this morning.  Rudy was cranky up until the end; but that changed the moment he got into his car seat.  Suddenly he was all smiles as he looked out the window and made his escape.  It’s OK with us if he hates the hospital–home is much better!  At the same time, we’re so grateful for the UCLA team, the careful attention they pay to Rudy and the encouraging friends they are to us [not to mention the hard-to-find hospital loot they send us off with in good supply ;-)].

Trish will probably wait out the LA traffic for a bit, but we can’t wait to see them.  It was fun to hear Rudy squawking it up in the background when she called me from the car!  I guess the ability to vocalize more is readily evident!

7 thoughts on “Discharged and headed home!

  1. Glad to hear everything went even better than expected. Rudy making noise is a good thing! We’ll look forward to hearing him on some future posts!

    Love to all! Steve

  2. Phew! So glad to get this message and know our sweethearts are on their way home. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if ALL of you could get a good night of sleep! My prayer for all of you is for peace, patience, health and safety as you continue to provide whatever is necessary to help Rudy and his medical team.

    Wishing I could “fix it” ……….. I love you!

  3. Prayed like mad for Rudy and you all this afternoon.
    yay! CAN’T WAIT to hear Rudy making big volume noise in church.
    So much love to you all!
    xoxo Michele

  4. see my daughter, Dawn everyday, she didn’t keep me updated….I missed alot……..but sending my love and prayers………….now Mom will talk to her……everyone runs in circles………Nick’s Grandma

  5. You should be proud of that little angel. He is a doll and looks great.I’d be cranky after surgery again too, but it has proven to be helpful.
    We have been watching and enjoy his progress and meeting you two in LA.
    Happy holidays

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