Cranky Rudy!!

Our poor boy is not enjoying this visit to the PICU.  He came out of anesthesia okay at first but he was pretty upset and battled a high heart rate and low sats most of the afternoon.  Even a visit from Dr. Rick and RT Oscar didn’t cheer him up but Dr. Marie just ordered the “good stuff” so we should have a sleeping boy pretty soon…if so, I’ll run out real quick and get a bite to eat and then, hopefully, we’ll both settle down for some good rest tonight. 

Dr. Shapiro was successful in removing the scar tissue and as a result of Rudy’s clear airway and smaller trach size, he is more vocal… making his crankiness known to all on our side of the unit, I think.  Well, okay, maybe he isn’t THAT loud but he is definitely making his feelings known.  As Rolf mentioned, we were surprised but pleased by Rudy’s step down in trach size today.  Dr. Shapiro is prescribing a trach plug with which we’ll practice at home before his sleep study where he will need to go all night with his trach plugged.  As we did with the speaking valve, we’ll let Rudy get used to the plug slowly and put it on only as he tolerates at first.  Eventually, we’ll get to the point where he’ll be ready to have the trach pulled altogether. Dr. Shapiro will want us to come back to UCLA for the actual decannulation for a day or two until the stoma closes and he is clearly breathing comfortably.  Again, this may be months down the road but it’s helpful to have a clearer understanding of the process. 

For now, we just pray for a speedy recovery from today’s procedure and a deep sleep for our little warrior tonight…he was a trooper today.  Thank you for your prayers.  Sleep well…

7 thoughts on “Cranky Rudy!!

  1. Sleep well Rudy, I know you are in good hands there in the PICU. Praying for a good night and smooth sailing tomorrow and onward… Hugs xxoo

  2. I had no idea you guys were down there again. Im sorry for not being there for you. I know you guys have the best right there and how boring it can be. Just remember CVS is right around the corner for some good craft things to keep you guys busy. I bet Child Life has some cool stuff to entertain Rudy with too. I can’t wait to hear his voice even if it is a shril scream. Music to my ears! If you guys are gonna be there for a bit I can come down to be with you guys and my Rudy Patudy! He is a fighter thats for sure. Thinking of you all. Go Rudy Go!!!

  3. We will continue to pray, quick healing, and strength for the next step. God bless you all tonight with restorative sleep. love you, Loretta

  4. oh Rudy, we are prayin for you buddy. we love you, and hope that you are getting outta there soon – back at home, playing with your brothers and sister.
    much love,
    the nelsons

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