Bronchoscopy Update

Thanks for praying for Rudy today.  Here’s the nutshell:  Trish and Rudy left SB at 3am for a 4:45 call time at UCLA for his bronchoscopy.  Like good patients, they were there and ready but got pushed back due to an emergency case.  Rudy enjoyed the car ride and was awake for most of it, so he got a little cranky during the wait–but you wouldn’t know it from this picture Trish sent me:

Rudy's good morning to me!

Trish called around 11am and reported that they were done and she was expecting to get called up to see Rudy shortly.  Dr. Shapiro was able to completely remove the granuloma in the trachea (this is inflammatory tissue that commonly grows around trach sites), but it was a bit more work than she expected.  Instead of being soft and mushy, it was hard and fibrous.

We are pleasantly surprised to learn that she decided to downsize the trach from a 4.0 to a 3.5.  Like much of Rudy’s course of treatment, we are prepared for decannulation to proceed slowly and expected this step down to come further down the line.  So it’s fun to take two steps on the same day.  Dr. Shapiro’s assessment is that Rudy should be able to handle it, but they will keep him overnight just to monitor him.

Trish will probably give more detail when she gets settled upstairs in a few hours, but we just wanted to give an update for those who were praying.  Thanks!

20 thoughts on “Bronchoscopy Update

  1. Rolf, thanks for the update…I’ll be waiting to hear more. I’ll keep praying for him to settle in and do well over night tonight.

  2. Triwh, as you and Rudy settle in for your overnight you might think that you are alone in that room. You are not…we’re all there with you with love and prayers. So rest and recoup from the day. We’re on watch with you. Love to all Geyliings.

  3. Just when I think Rudy can’t possibly get any cuter–he’s so adorable! I’m relieved to know that he is doing so well. Trish, I hope and pray that you sleep well tonight! I love you!

  4. God is so good.
    Rolf: thanks for the update. I can’t believe you guys keep us all so well posted, in the midst of your busy life.
    Rudy: Good job! Two steps at once! Yay!
    Trish: I will pray for you to get some deep, refreshing sleep tonight!
    Love you all!
    xoxo Michele

  5. Trish,

    We prayed for you and Rudy this morning in Bible Study…in fact we prayed for the while family! So happy for the good report…now get some SLEEP!!! And tell Mr. Rudy you guys are coming home tomorrow–in case he has any other hare-brained ideas! 🙂


  6. Home tonight from my trip and so glad to know the procedure went well. Will be in touch by phone when you are home. Love you all so much. Keep fighting Rudy!

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