Not the numbers we hoped for

We just met up with Rudy in the PACU after a long conference with Dr. Dan and Dr. Harake. Unfortunately both numbers we had hoped to see change did not. If anything they got worse. The heart looks good and strong but the chronic lung disease is our main issue.

The team will conference next week to see if there are any steps they want to take. We’ll give more detail later but what’s assuredly not going to change is that Rudy is not a good candidate for the Glenn due to his pulmonary issues.

Sorry it isn’t better news. We’re here with Rudy now. He was a bit fussy but now he’s slowly waking up. Thanks for praying and walking with us.

VIP Treatment

(If you haven’t noticed already, I’m dealing with my nervous energy today by playing with iPhone apps.)

VIP perk #1: they usually let only one parent escort to the lab, but we both got to go.

VIP perk #2: Yes, they totally let us keep the monkey suits!! We’ve found that if you wear them in the cafeteria you can sit anywhere you want. People totally move out of your way.

Signing off for awhile. We were told to expect a status call around 10am.