32 thoughts on “Your day’s about to get a whole lot better…

  1. Wow! Too funny! Rudy has the best laugh–I love when he pushes Rolf over so he actually falls down. What a guy!!

  2. You were absolutely right – it DID make my day! Thanks so much – what fun. Did you have music with this? ‘Cuz when I hit play, I got some pretty heavy duty piano drama…

  3. just got home and saw this. yep. totally made my day better.
    i love seeing rolf be so silly – makes me feel better about justin 😉
    still rockin the rudy swag, and have rudy’s picture up on moriah’s wall.
    thanks for putting the smile on my face!

  4. THANKS Rudy. You’re a pretty funny little guy and you made me feel soooo much better. Thanks, bubs.

  5. Now that laugh sounds like a Trish laugh…..how can you be a Geyling without a bit belly laugh?? You could see him beginning to form sounds with his lips!!! Lovin’ the joy!!!

  6. love it; Dad put a smile on my face also and Rudy warmed my heart……the strange thing was I just put on my heart you made. While in the grocery store the other day, talking to the lady in front of me(I know) the cashier said…”strange, you both have the same necklace on”…..told her not strange, we are connected…”my grandson has HLHS and her son has HLHS, and yes, we live in the same town” Nick’s Grandma

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