Another “First”

A quick visit with Susie-Q!

Our string of very special guests (that began last May with Rolf’s cousins from Germany) ended this weekend with a visit from our friend Susie…particularly noteworthy as she is Max’s godmother and now lives in Kansas so we don’t get to see her very often.  Reconnecting with old friends with whom you have special, shared experiences always brings an extra measure of comfort and reassurance, for some reason.  🙂  We’re glad for this time with Susie-Q.

This weekend also held “a first” for me, Rolf AND Rudy…Thanks to Rudy’s connections, we were invited to a Hindu wedding.  Dr. Sonal Ram (yes, one of Rudy’s docs at UCLA) married Dr. Robinder  Khemani (an attending at Children’s Hospital L.A.) in a tradional Hindu ceremony on the most beautiful farmhouse property in Los Olivos.  We were honored to be invited.  My fears about being in a remote part of the Santa Ynez Mountains miles from any medical help were quickly relieved when we realized that there were about 300 medical professionals among the wedding guests and 6 (or more) were a part of Rudy’s team specifically!!  Ha Ha  What a treat it was to steal away to a magical place for a few hours and nurture relationship with some of Rudy’s docs & nurses OUTSIDE the context of a hospital – a rare opportunity, indeed!

Dr. Sonal and Rudy February 1, 2009
Dr. Sonal (and her brother) on her wedding day!
A beautiful backdrop!
Drs. Sonal and Roby
Reunited with some familiar faces 🙂
Is there a Dr. in the house? Yep, Drs. Myke, Julianne and Ryan
...and dear Dr. Rick!
See you again on Thursday Dr. Rick!

Our journey with Rudy brings a richness in relationship and new experiences…on all kinds of levels.  Another “first” for which we are grateful.  Congratulations Dr. Sonal!!

13 thoughts on “Another “First”

  1. Wow – that is just amazing and such gorgeous pictures! SOOO glad you could be there – and that any potential medical emergency was beautifully covered. :>) How I love following your lives through this space. Thanks so much for posting these fab pix.

  2. I love these pictures…all the loving expressions on Rudy plus the faces of his UCLA team! What a cool experience you all!

  3. What a beautiful and fun wedding it seems. Looks like Rudy really had a great time. Praying all goes well thursday. Hugs..

  4. What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing…you guys have no idea what amazing ministry you are doing to touch lives through the life of this precious young life. Bless your hearts y’all! Could Rudy have a ‘first’ in Ghana? Lol!

  5. So proud that you have a “host” of support and love wherever you go. God is good!
    P.S. Looking good Susie and the “big kids”–I know that was a special visit. Love to all!

  6. Congrats! The bride is smiling at her wedding!(the Minangkerbau brides don’t smile, have you seen the headresses they have to wear?!) Hope Max had fun with his godmother!

  7. WOW! Beautiful photos. Thanks so much for sharing what a fun wedding you went to! You guys are loved by so many far and wide. Hoping to visit with you this Thursday if you have the time when you are down at UCLA. Love, Lisa and the gang

  8. So love your “Rudy’s Blog” and we will be praying for Rudy this week. The wedding setting looked a little like the “Sound of Music” mountains.

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