Has it really been 25 years?!

As Trish shared in the last post, we’ve spent this weekend absorbing the news from the cath last week.  I’d have to say we’re feeling our way through things so far as we’re not really at the stage of thinking or planning our way from here–we’ll get there–some realities take awhile to sink in.  In the year and a half since Rudy’s been at home with us, the Glenn has loomed as a monolithic milestone–a scary but necessary rite of passage; the next step in prolonging Rudy’s life…and now it’s not there.  So much of Rudy’s journey has been one of uncharted waters–unique complications and prolonged treatments, but having one of the fundamental interventions taken off the table feels like something of a different magnitude.  We’ll likely get to the point of cogent thinking at some point and will update then, but for now it’s the feelings.

On that front, it’s been a quiet weekend with enough activity to keep us occupied.  The feelings are there–sometimes it’s a heaviness, other times irritability, sadness and confusion.  Thanks for kinds words, space, company and normal routines all in good measure.

Within all of this, there is gratitude–first and foremost just for who Rudy is–how many minor miracles must there have been to sustain him through this?  We’re grateful for our big kids and there handling of this; some of the most poignant moments this weekend came during unexpected exchanges where they grappled with the reality of Rudy’s condition.

On the subject of gratitude, a helpful distraction for me this weekend was my 25th high school reunion.  Unfortunately, it was in New Jersey so I couldn’t make the trip to be with the rest of the class of 1985, but I did send this little video greeting.  Based on the feedback I’ve gotten, it probably left a more favorable impression of me than had I actually been there in person ;-).  Amidst daunting circumstances, the chance to reflect on the journey that brought me here and for the richness of life and experiences fills me with gratitude.  I missed seeing all of you Madison Dodgers!  For the rest of you, hope you enjoy it.

[warning–this may take awhile to buffer]

19 thoughts on “Has it really been 25 years?!

  1. Brilliant!!! Wish I had the gift of strength through unknowing, courage through the knowing and hope for the future. May God richly bless you and comfort you in the coming days.

  2. Rolf: thanks for giving me a chance to get all teary-eyed. I bet everyone in New Jersey wept!
    I am so thrilled that we get to participate in your rich life. Your family is a blessing to us, and I am so glad we are neighbors!
    All the best,
    Michele and Bob

  3. Oh, such a lovely message, Rolf. Thanks for sharing it with all of us on Rudy’s Beat. I was almost finished with seminary the year you and Trish were married. Life is weird and wonderful, isn’t it? You are the same class as my middle daughter – only she’s a California girl through and through…John Muir High in Pasadena and then Pomona College. Prayers for many blessings in the next 25 years.

  4. Michael received our only call that Steve and Michelle are safely in Great Cayman Island. Emma is home from checking out Baylor University, Jonathan’s band received a Superior rating at their contest on Saturday and Michael is “taking good care” of Grandma Jo! Hoping for some encouragement and direction from your conslultations at UCLA tomorrow. Love to all, Grandma Jo

    Deep breath, Deep breath!

  5. Really nice video…didn’t realize I was quite that much older than you. 🙂 I sit right between your sisters…class of 1982. Even so, I really enjoyed that…great memories…very touchings with a few good laughs. Very well done. MHS was a special experience and those ties bind tightly even still. Glad that Kim Spader let me know about what was going on with Rudy when she found out about Garrett and that I’ve had the privilege of “meeting” your family. Praying for guidance for ALL the doctors on the east and west coasts as they figure out plans for Rudy and Garrett.

  6. Very cool, Rolf. Brought tears to my eyes. An awful lot occurred between that small arrow from LA to SB. Glad that I have been on a good part of this journey with you and your family. Love you guys.

  7. What an impressive and touching video… got me all sentimental and choked up too! You and your family are the best, Rolf!
    Love you,
    Sis Andi

  8. now I know it’s possible to laugh and cry at the same time….
    what an awesome family you are!

    much love from Linda

  9. Aw Rolf… I’m all choked up…that video was so beautiful…loved those images…your 80’s gal, your rock star, football player, California princess and Rudy stronger than Rambo and the Terminator combined! What a beautiful family you have. Thank you for sharing this video with us! It was such a pleasure to see you last week and catch up. Praying for a sense of peace and continued strength for you as you sort out everything.God bless you, Much Love, Lisa from Harding and the gang

  10. Rolf, what an amazing video! Loved it! Incredibly touching.

    Geylings, just know we are all with you on this journey. The Lord knows every hair on Rudy’s head, and I know He has a plan that none of us know. Keep your amazing faith, and we will all pray and love you all through it.

    Blessings to you all!


  11. Prayers for peace and understanding, patience and strength as you guys process where your road takes you all!

    Rolf, amazing video!

  12. Love it!! But what about our graduation from the Oaks ministry 3 week training in 1991? We are coming up on 20 yrs. in a few months and I think we should have a reunion — Katy, Trish, me, you, Doug Peters, etc. Maybe we can get that guy to put some more peanut butter under his arms and make us some sandwiches. There — lunch is served!

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