A Great Day For A Walk

We couldn’t have had a more gorgeous day for the AHA Heart Walk on Saturday…35 friends joined our family for the walk and cake celebration after the 5k stroll along the waterfront in Santa Barbara.  (A fun mix of friends from the Rescue Mission, my Bible Study, La Patera Elementary School, Coast Community Church, NurseCore, and Los Angeles…and, of course, Grandma Jo!)  It was a day of laughter, tears, celebration and thoughtful reflection.  We were blessed by the outpouring of support and thrilled by our team’s fundraising effort totaling over $8,000.00!!  Thank you, all, for this impressive collective effort!  Wilson, Max and Olivia embraced the day and were enthusiastic participants of the walk…they inspire me!  I’m so grateful Rolf and I get to do life with them.  🙂

Like a great deal of this journey, the pictures tell a better story…

Getting ready to go....
Grandma Jo and Rudy wearing matching "Survivor Caps"!
A sea of "Rudy blue" at the start of the walk.
A good visit with old friends!
Big Bro lends a hand
Leaders of the pack

Walking side by side with Logan's parents - Rayme and Brett
A day filled with memories of Logan Elliott
...and other special heart-buddies
Rudy took a nap along the way
"Thumbs Up" from Wilson
A strong finish by Mom and Dad
Time for cake!
We won the t-shirt contest!
Comfortable on Grandma's lap

Phew!  All of our “BIG” events are done now before Rudy’s cath on the 21st.  We’ll have some last minute fun with Grandma Jo before she leaves on Wednesday and then get ourselves organized for the quick trek down to UCLA…Thank you dear friends!

12 thoughts on “A Great Day For A Walk

  1. What a beautiful and fun time it was at the walk! A great way to celebrate the little man. I had a blast and it was great to see so many people out to support the cause and Rudy! Love to you all, Kelly

  2. Thanks so much for the awesome coverage. Congratulations Rudy!
    I’m so sorry I missed the walk, but I will walk with you all these days following!
    Much love and hugs,
    Michele 🙂 xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox

  3. This looks awesome!!!
    And look at all those Rudy shirts…what a wonderful support system you guys have.
    I know Justin would be especially fond of Wilson’s hair.
    Go Team Rudy…and, of course, all the other teams! =)
    Lots of love,

  4. So glad to see the pictures from the Big Walk! Rudy’s fans were in abundance, but they are dwarfed by the number of us who could only participate in thought!

    Praying for the upcoming cath (and dare we say it…the GLENN!)

    Thanks for keeping Grandma Jo occupied for a few weeks! But, we’ll be glad to have her back in Kansas!!

    Love to all!!

  5. What a gorgeous and meaningful day indeed! I was with you in spirit throughout the day and am moved to tears at the photos for a whole variety of reasons. Much love!

  6. I’ve been quietly following for a while now…looks like everyone is doing great! What a special day for Rudy and your support system! Take Care, and good luck at the cath!

    Dawn Bettencourt

  7. Yahoo!! It was an awesome day, so glad we could share it with you guys too. Love our Rudy Patudy!!

  8. What an awesome day! So glad Rudy won the t-shirt contest and had such a great walk with so many adoring fans! We love you!

  9. Love the photos and your Rudy shirts… I’d love to get a Rudy shirt sometime, let me know if you are taking orders at some point. Praying as always… (((Hugs)))

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