Home With Antibiotics

After several hours and a number of tests in the ER here in Santa Barbara, it looks like Rudy has pnuemonia.  Once his fever was under control, Rudy stabilized and  the ER physician felt comfortable prescribing a course of antibiotics on an outpatient basis and sent us home.  It’s 2:30am, Rudy is resting comfortably in his own bed and we are relieved.  The pnuemonia diagnosis is startling but sure confirms our decision to take him to the ER.  We’re grateful for the care Rudy received at Cottage…the staff there took us and the situation seriously but also evaluated everything within the context of Rudy’s baseline…a healthy balance.   Tonight’s trip to the ER was our first unscheduled trip to the hospital since we brought Rudy home from UCLA in May of  2009 and our first visit to our local hospital.  The staff at Cottage was in communication with the team at UCLA and everything went very smooth.  There is so much for which we’re grateful…we’ll lay low for the next few days, keep a close eye on him and follow up with Rudy’s docs this week.  Thank you for your continued prayers…

A little droopy...
Getting some much-needed rest...

 Thanks again…Sleep well!

15 thoughts on “Home With Antibiotics

  1. Sounds like another little dip on the Rudy-coaster! We’re praying from Kansas that the track evens out quickly for our little guy. Praying, too, for rest and peace for everyone. Love you all!!

  2. Rolf & Trish, we’re praying for a quick recovery. Glad you caught it and that Rudy’s resting comfortably now. Love ya!

  3. Oh. My. Goodness. Somehow I missed all of this last night and went to sleep thinking all was as lovely and well as it has been all summer. I am so sorry for your worry and Rudy’s discomfort. May the healing Spirit move mightily in his little body, bringing quick and solid relief and recovery. These trips to the ER are not fun, are they?? I am just so grateful this one ended so well. Yes pneumonia is a scary word – but it’s treatable. Many, many blessings of peace and rest as you walk through the rest of this week. Lots of love.

  4. Grateful that you were able to bring him home. Praying for a quick and full recovery for our special little guy. Rudy is stronger than all of us!

  5. Just read the posting of your time at ER today….ohhhh my goodness how scary….and thank God that Cottage Hospital is so close and with great docs to diagnose and treat. So glad you are back home and have the antibiotics to send the pneumonia far away.. Will continue praying for Rudy and for your family…..
    Love and hugs,
    Gerd J

  6. Oopsie…. I obviously missed this update prior to the last comment. I’m so grateful Rudy is on antibiotics and doing better. Pneumonia? “Startling” is right. Poor little dear. Thank goodness for the local ER, Cottage Hospital. I will continue praying for Rudy for a speedy recovery and all of you too. Hopefully, everyone will get some much needed rest….

  7. Rudy!! Bob and I will be praying for you and your Mom and Dad, too.
    God bless you, hugs and smooshy kisses,

  8. Oh what a scare! But it sounds like Rudy is doing better?! Praying for the little man. Get healthy for the heart walk!

  9. When Nick was little he was taken to the ER during the night with the same, they transported him to a larger hospital, that knew a little more about HLHS…..after a day or two, he was back home….it sure puts a scare into us, that is for sure…….everyone get some rest, and our prayers are with all of you, Nick’s Grandma

  10. Praying for Rudy and for you as you breathe a sigh of relief that Rudy will be ok. Rudy doesn’t know about Labor Day, a day you get to take off from work. Ah, parenting!

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