Our Apologies to Allied Waste Management!

Thank you for all of the prayers and inquiries in the wake of our ER trip this weekend.  Rudy is doing well and even has some bursts of energy and happy moods, but we’re generally staying close to home and going at a slow pace while the antibiotics do their work.  Fortunately, the week has had a good dose of fun thanks to Oma and Opa’s visit and big sister’s birthday.

Even with our transparency on this blog,  there are still some of the more private struggles that Trish and I have had to deal with that are embarrassing to share about.  This week, we have been preoccupied with ED.  One would think this would be an individual matter where the symptomatic individual can deal with the issue privately.  But that’s not the way we approach things–for us, ED is a family issue.  We all feel the burden of one person’s ED.  As much as one might try to keep this private and personal, our whole family and even some of our friends have had to wrestle with ED and it’s implications.  ED is a family condition and it’s pervaded our life this week.

That’s right, our family has been afflicted with Explosive Diarrhea (what did you think I was talking about?).  That was the first symptom in the sequence of events that led us to the ER.  Even if the first couple of times were just gross, the clarion report was impressive enough (not muffled in the least by a diaper) that instances of ED were greeted with delight by Rudy’s older siblings.  Once it became evident that these episodes far exceeded the containment capabilities of modern diaper technology, the novelty wore off and a steady stream of laundry cycles began.

After returning from the ER, we thought that we might see changes for the better after the first few doses of medication took effect.  Our observations were quite the opposite, such that we placed some follow up calls.  These revealed that antibiotics not only exacerbate ED but actually add some new wrinkles as far as consistency.  So now our struggle is with EFD.  Explosive.  Foaming.  Diarrhea.  Picture the worst, then welcome to our world.  We only hope the antibiotics run their course soon…for Rudy’s sake and ours!    The good news is we have plenty of crib bedding, detergent and diapers in good supply.  The bad news is the garbage men just may plain refuse to pick up our cans this week.  So sorry Allied Waste Management!

Perhaps it’s too late to do anything about the visual images this post has put into the reader’s mind thusfar, but let me attempt to do so by documenting some of the happy distractions that carried us through.  We had a fun visit with Oma and Opa (and much appreciated the help in moving sets of bedding through the laundry).  And today Rudy’s big sister turns eight, so we’ve been celebrating that most of the week.

Check out Rudy's cutting edge hairstyle!
Fun with Oma and Opa

Rudy having fun with our big birthday girl!

Livy's birthday dinner. Why no Rudy? A spectacular EFD episode sent he and Daddy sprinting to the car.

14 thoughts on “Our Apologies to Allied Waste Management!

  1. OK… almost dinner time and I should have read this later… I am not sure how much I’ll eat now. Lol. Loved the videos.. Happy Birthday Hug to Livy and Hugs to Rudy too! Prayers as always.. xxxooo

  2. Oh YAAAAAYYY!!!! EFD humor can only mean that Rudy is on the mend. Yay! God bless you all, and Happy Birthday LIvy!

  3. Not a bad workout for a guy who is fighting pneumonia. Good job Rudy, Livy and Oma! So glad you are all having lots of fun. Quite a birthday dessert, Livy. It looks as if you had a Happy Birthday. Love to all, G’ma Jo

  4. Look at Big Rudy sitting up so strong!!! Way to go Buddy Boy!

    Livy, Happy Birthday to YOU!!! Big hugs from your Kansas cousins!

  5. SUCH joyous videos to watch! That glorious and gorgeous boy SITTING UP on his own, responsive, enjoying himself. How I wish we could hear that laugh! Someday. Soon, we all hope and pray. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Olivia! You are one champ of a big sis. And grandparents are the best, that’s all there is to it. (Spoken from the completely unprejudiced viewpoint of a grandmother to 8!) So glad he’s on the mend and that ED and EFD will soon be just a faint (whiff) of a memory. Love to you all.

  6. Despite ED and EFD…..you’ve got some amazing footage there…..Rudy sitting!!! I just can’t believe his progress…

  7. Waaaaay to go, Rudy!!! I had a little bout with ED myself this week, too funny!!!

    God bless you all;

    Happy birthday, Olivia!

  8. Perhaps why the cake is uneaten in the picture as well??!!
    Loved this update. Julio and I are sitting here cracking up. He says he’s going to eat lots of frijoles to compete with Rudy this week. 🙂 Maybe we’ll be able to add an initial to Rudy’s latest condition.

    Happy Birthday to Livy! Was thinking of her a lot today, everytime I had to write the date on something.

  9. believe the same ED has hit Conn., old age lets me know what those meds can do, sometimes ….Bottoms Up………..it will keep you Running…………….Nick’s Grandma

  10. Thanks, I just vomited a little after reading that. Ugh! Can’t imagine what it’s like in person….Wow! Sorry you are going through it, but so glad that it means the Antibiotics are working. Love to you all! Kelly

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