It’s probably nothing, right?

A three-day weekend with beautiful weather is always welcome.  Even better when it includes visiting grandparents and the start of Max’s football season (go Goleta Chargers!).  Yet we’ve been preoccupied with our little Rudy.  He stools started to get loose on Friday morning (all kids get that–it’s probably nothing, right?)  He started to get a little fussy later in the day (what baby doesn’t occasionally do that–it’s probably nothing, right?).  More diarrhea and lethargy all day Saturday led us to consult with UCLA (who use bigger words to speculate that it’s probably nothing, right?).  Today brought a low-grade fever and a pretty unhappy boy (please tell us it’s nothing).  We’ve been on the phone with different folks over the last couple hours (it always happens on weekends), and since I’ve started typing this, we’ve gotten the recommendation from UCLA to head to the ER to have Rudy checked out (it’s probably nothing, right).

As we’ve learned from watching others, little bugs can be a big deal to little heart warriors.  Please pray–we’ll keep you posted.

5 thoughts on “It’s probably nothing, right?

  1. Oh my goodness! I will certainly light my prayer candle and pray for a good outcome–hoping it is nothing, right?

  2. I hope dear little Rudy is doing better today. I see there has been no “progress” report since last evening (Sunday) @ 7:20 ‘ish prior to taking him to the ER. Please let us know how he’s doing as soon as you are able to do so. I am saying lots of prayers for his quick recovery!

  3. ED is an issue. My son is still in Mongolia and without reliable treatment other than clean water, salt, and sugar. His water is clean and heart strong, so I’m so very thankful for what we have. I wouldn’t want to take away from the plusses and appreciate what you all go through with Rudy. He looks great by the way and I’m always impressed by the love expressed by the family, that has to count for something important in the long view. Plus, Rudy has great hair.

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