Something to squawk about!

This is way overdue, but long-time readers might remember that Rudy was an award-winning photo subject.  In addition to what I’m sure was an obscene amount of cash and world-wide acclaim, Greg Lawler won a cool six-pack of Root Beer with his shot on the label.  We’re so thankful to Gabe and Glen at Specialty Color Services for sending us one of our own.  We’re still debating over what special  occasion we’ll crack them open on!  Thanks, Greg, Gabe and Glen!

A sweet award! (Better than an Oscar)

Rudy thinks it’s pretty neat to have his face on a bottle of soda.  He also thinks it’s pretty fun to hang out on the couch with his big brother and take his speaking valve for a spin:

9 thoughts on “Something to squawk about!

  1. Oh so adorable with a loving Big Brother! Can we buy some root beer? I love it! A definite collector’s item.

  2. OMIGOSH – how delightful to hear that sweet voice – and to watch the lovely interaction between brothers. Rudy is so much more responsive with every video you post! What a joy to see this development – in my book, the kind of development that matters most, over the long haul: love, playfulness, eye contact, mimicry. Joy, oh joy. Thanks so much for this post – it made my week.

  3. Hey, guys–you are having fun and that is great. Keep up the good work Rudy — your voice is getting stronger. Some day you will be able to tickle Wil~~~~ Guess what? I love you!

  4. Love the soda bottle, too cool! If I had a boss at work that would allow sound on my computer I could hear the video, but……. 🙂 xoxo,K

  5. this video puts tears in my eyes. i love to hear rudy telling his brother stories and playing with him – apparently, he’s got a good right hook. i could only imagine how it melted your hearts as their parents!
    p.s. moriah, justin, and i are so on for dinner whenever you come to town, rolf! =)

  6. love the noise, believe Rudy was trying to make the same sound when he was hitting on him brother’s face…………..myDad(91) makes some of the same sounds when we are trying to sleep at night (everyone needs a little laugh, but not funny at 2a.m.) thinking of all of you, Nick’s Grandma

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