You’re Invited!

Let's Party!!!

With school now underway, it’s time to look ahead and do a little planning because  in five short weeks Rudy will turn 2 years old!!!  An astounding realization and one that brings tears of both deep joy and a bit of anxiety as we continue to live life from one monthly cardiology appointment to the next eagerly awaiting the Glenn!  The “not knowing” has always been the hardest part of this wait but having a productive distraction definitely helps and so in lieu of a party and all the gifts this year, our family will be walking in the American Heart Association’s Start! Santa Barbara Heart Walk on October 9th in celebration of Rudy’s birthday and we would like to invite you to join us!

By participating in this year’s Heart Walk, we hope to raise research funds vital to a healthy and active future for Rudy and kids like him. Will you consider  joining our campaign by donating today or joining our team in honor of Rudy?  We are excited that the money raised by our team will fund pediatric research and children’s programs specifically!!  Click on the link below to visit our family’s personal donation page where you can learn more:

As team captain of Dr. Harake’s team, my goal is to recruit 15 team members.  If you are interested in registering for the walk, please follow this link to our team page:

It’s impossible for us to come to a major milestone with Rudy and not think of the precious heart friends we have lost in the last 24 months…Katie M, Baby Angel, Ethan S, Logan E, Josiah W…  and so we walk not only in honor of Rudy but also in loving memory of these precious ones whose short lives impacted us deeply.

Thank you, in advance, for helping to make a difference because your donation WILL make a difference.  Rudy’s condition was a death sentence less than 20 years ago and now there is a sophisticated treatment plan born out of research and development!  Imagine what could be done with an even greater understand of the defect!!!  We are honored to partner in this effort.

Of course, it’s not all business!  For those of you who are close enough to walk the walk in person, we will gather at beautiful Chase Palm Park the morning of the event, distribute “Rudy blue” Happy Birthday balloons to all the “party walkers” and celebrate with cake, ice cream and party favors at the finish line!!  What better way is there to spend a gorgeous October morning in Santa Barbara?  We hope you can be a part of the fun!  ‘Just let me know you’ll be coming and I’ll send you more information.  🙂

"I'll be there!!!"

9 thoughts on “You’re Invited!

  1. precious Rudy, we wont be there for the walk, but we will be there this Friday, cant wait to get you smile in person.
    see you SOOOOON O+O

  2. Rudy, let’s celebrate on October 13th for the heart walk but not until we celebrate on October 1. I look forward to both events. Have fun with Oma and Opa! Love to all.

  3. Please post a few reminders between now and then so I’ll remember to donate when I have the $ in hand. Wish we were closer I’d walk with you guys. How many hours is it from La Mesa to SB? 4 or 5 I think.
    Prayers, hugs and kisses as always…

  4. Sorry I cannot be there with you. I will most miss a Rudy hug. Have a wonderful and successful walk. Happy Early Birthday, little one!

  5. Trish, I am going to double check my calendar, but I’m pretty sure that I’m going to join the team and be a walker. Woo-Hoo! xoxo, K

  6. Ugh, wish so much we could hop in the car and say YES we’ll be there! We will walk in spirit…. and party in body – any excuse to have ice cream…

  7. I have loved watching Rudy’s story unfold via your blog and facebook. If you need more people for the team – I’m there, just let me know. Happy to fundraise also. What a great way to meet him in person.

  8. think Rudy could make some money being a star……with that hat……..a prize,love it………..those pacy’s sure do the trick……we know the hospital ones well……thinking of all….Nick’s Grandma

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