First Day Of School 2010

The morning hustle and bustle is back but, I must admit, it’s amazing how much easier the “before school routine” gets as the kids get older.  Olivia set her alarm last night and was up, had breakfast, got dressed and brushed her hair/teeth AND made her bed while I was in the shower (and I take short showers!).  All I did this morning was make the lunches and Olivia even started that process before I could get to the kitchen.  All were in good spirits this morning and seemed both nervous and eager to get to school…definitely excited to reconnect with old friends and I’m hoping they all make fun, new friends this year as well.   This is a big year for both boys as they are “top dogs” on their campuses…having a 6th and 8th grader means two promotion/graduations at the end of the year!  🙂  My prayer for them both is that they will demonstrate responsibility and leadership in their roles as veterans on campus and enjoy the freedoms and advantages that come with acting responsibly. 

First day of school - August 23, 2010
6th grader - last year of elementary school!
Proud 8th grader!!!
Where did everybody go?

So, it’s just me and Rudy this morning…we have a couple in-home appointments for Rudy and then a list of errands to run so hopefully we’ll be too busy to miss the big kids too much.  🙂 

Rudy charming his way out of PT/OT

I think we’ll need to plan some playdates with Rudy’s gal pal Stella since she’s in the same boat with her big sisters off to school…

Stella and Rudy
Stella (aka Rudy's ottoman)
"Hubba, Hubba!"
Precious little ones!

Thankful, today, for friendships!!

7 thoughts on “First Day Of School 2010

  1. It’s always bittersweet sending the big kids back to school. We know they are going to grow and learn so much, but we miss them. 😦 Owen had a little bit of the lonely bug, but he got over it fast. He is enjoying getting to watch what he wants on tv, getting into Kamryn’s things while she is away and he takes a LONG uninterrupted afternoon nap. Bliss.

  2. Apria sent us that nifty oxygen “at home refill unit”. I’m just curious why we didn’t know about it sooner. Ha. It’s sweet to be able to fill up your own tanks.

  3. Hey Trish! Just realized that between our boys we’re covering 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th grades. G’ma is going to have to start saving up for a string of successive high school and college graduation gifts!! Oh My!

  4. Love the pics of the bigs kids getting off to school. They look awesome.
    Glad Rudy had a nice gal pal to hang out with. They sure look sweet together. Prayer, hugs and kisses…

  5. Sounds like Olivia is an organized little lady just like her Mom. You’ve got some great kids and I pray that they enjoy their new school year. Rudy little girlfriend is a cutie; he’s a ladies man already!!!

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