Bronchoscopy Update

Rudy’s bronchoscopy involved a rather challenging time change for us–from the Pacific Daylight Time Zone to the Hospital Time Zone.  In the round-the-clock world of the UCLA Med Center a pre-op check-in time of 4:45AM is part of business, but it was a bit of a start for us.  It meant getting Trish and Rudy up at 2AM and then on the road by 2:45–at least there’s not much traffic at that hour.

Trish called shortly before lunch to say that everything went very smoothly.  Rudy went in at 7AM and was back in recovery by 8:30.  He took a bit to wake up and is a bit bugged by the lines attached to him (that’s actually an encouraging and new development to see him spunky instead of lethargic and resigned).

Dr. Shapiro said everything looks good except for a node of scar tissue just above the trach that will require surgical removal when it comes time to remove the trach.  This is not uncommon, but it will likely mean that the trach will stay in unless it is certain that we have over a year to wait before the Glenn (highly unlikely).  She said that Rudy’s vocal cords look mushy (OK, that’s our term because we forgot the science word Dr. Shapiro used).  It simply means they are not toned and tight like they would be through vocalization, but there is no reason to believe they won’t develop properly when the time comes.

Dr. Shapiro would like to keep Rudy overnight, but there is a bed shortage upstairs so that may change.  Thanks for praying.  Now, I’m about due for another cup of coffee…

7 thoughts on “Bronchoscopy Update

  1. Glad to hear all went relatively well….now onto the next milepost in the journey! You all are amazing! Hot & sweaty hugs from Kansas where it is 100 degrees today!

  2. Glad to hear Rudy got thru the procedure and is ” Bugged by the lines”
    Pleased to hear most is ok and prsaying for the next step. O +O

  3. Glad all is well with Rudy. Maybe you’ll get a chance to meet Kourtney’s mom she’s in the picu room 5421. Hugs and prayers as always!

  4. Thanks for the update Rolfie….hope you enjoyed that coffee. They must be tickled pink seeing the boy at UCLA….li’l charmer!

  5. Wow. Awfully glad that little procedure is behind Rudy!!! What a little Trooper!



  6. I was away from the computer Tuesday and did not get the message until I saw Steve at their place. So hoping Rudy can get rid of that trach sooner rather than later….we wait again. I will be happy to hear you two are home safely again. Love to all!!!!!!!!!!

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