A Welcome Fit For a King


It’s 9am and after a night of observation, Rudy will be discharged sometime before noon today.  As Rolf posted earlier, we had a smooth (albiet early) trip to UCLA yesterday morning, an easy admit into the PCU for pre-op, was in for the bronchoscopy & direct larynoscopy on time and back in the PACU (recovery) in about an hour!  Because of a shortage of beds in the PICU, we hung out in the PACU until a bed opened up at 4pm but Rudy woke up from the anesthesia happy and then took a nice afternoon nap so the time went pretty fast.  Although I secretly hoped they would send us home because of the bed shortage, I was happy to stay and err on the side of being cautious and, as it turned out, we had a great night connecting with old nurse/doctor friends.  Word spread that Rudy was on his way up from recovery and he received a warm welcome fit for a king!  How very blessed we are to have such great care and engaged medical professionals.  I took full advantage of being in the unit and tried to tie up a few loose ends regarding acquisition of a wheelchair and consults with a few of his docs.  All in all, folks around here are amazed at how he has grown and loving how interactive he is now…he is giving quite a few kisses and smiles to everyone who comes in to see him and our overnight stay has been a mutual encouragement I think!  🙂  So we’ll pack up and head home in an hour or two.  Thanks for your prayers!  As Rolf mentioned, Rudy will need a couple of  procedures when it comes time to wean him from the trach but in general there is much to be grateful for in the development of his airways!  Yippy!!

4:45am arrival time at UCLA ain't so bad!


Waiting in pre-op...Rudy and his bear have matching pot bellies


Rudy's PICU Welcome!


Rudy's reunion with Dr. Mary (pronounced "Marie")


Friends popping up from behind windows to see Rudy!

8 thoughts on “A Welcome Fit For a King

  1. So glad things worked out well for you on this trip. Still praying for all of you! Enjoy the rest of the summer with all of your young ‘uns!

  2. Trusting that you two arrived home safely today. ISo we play the waiting game again….hang in there.

  3. Well, a great big “WHEW.” So glad to read these last two posts, to be reminded about how much remarkable progress Rudy has made in his life and to sense your relief – which is almost palpable on my screen! Rudy surely knows he is loved – and he is so filled up with love his little sweet self! The expression on his face in those first two pix today is just remarkable – so loving and open. What an amazing gift in a person so young and vulnerable. You and Rolf have done such an incredible job of riding this roller coaster – prayers, blessings, hugs.

  4. Wow… Rudy must be a morning person… he looked very handsome and perky for a 4:45 am arrival!

    Blessings on you all.


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