Father’s Day 2010


Father’s Day was a special day for a couple of reasons…not only did we celebrate a really great dad but we also took Rudy to his first movie and not just ANY movie but a drive-in double feature!!!  For the record, Rudy’s first movie experience included Toy Story 3 and the new Karate Kid movie.  Toy Story 3 was so cute and had an ending that made me cry!  I can’t comment on The Karate Kid as I fell asleep…in fact, I think Wilson was the only one who made it through the whole thing!! Ha Ha  We were crazy partiers staying out until 1:30am (and we all paid for it the next day) but it was fun and memorable.  Rudy was a star.  He beamed and did his “happy kick”  throughout all the pre-show activity and fell asleep in his Daddy’s arms pretty soon after the first movie started…right on que.   Although he slept through most of the evening, I think he was thrilled knowing he was part of the party…

Tailgate movie party complete with snack table and presents!
Rudy's view of the screen....
Rudy likes the drive-in scene!

Here’s to another “first” in Rudy’s journey…

7 thoughts on “Father’s Day 2010

  1. great, they don’t let you tailgate in Conn., looks like a great time for all…….even tired…….Nick’s Grandma

  2. Thanks for putting our new email address on Rudy’s list. Looks like you guys had a good time.
    I think I will take Ben to see Karate Kid.
    Bobby Clinton

  3. Are drive-in movies making a comeback or did the Kansas wind just destroy all of those we used to attend? Still just as much fun, it seems to me. Gma Jo

  4. Looks like you had a little nicer & warmer weather as last time watching “Shrek 4” ;–)
    It’s so much fun to look at the pictures of you and the kids (even more after our recent visit) and Rudy sure looks good!!
    Thinking of you a lot,
    Yours Astrid & Wolfgang

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