‘Just Another Day Of Therapy

Rudy continues to have therapy at home twice a week and is pretty agreeable to all the activities Gwen prepares for him.  Of course, she has alot of extra hands to help out…you’d think the big kids would scatter to go watch t.v. in the other room or play outside but they genuinely want to participate in Rudy’s therapy and Gwen is sweet to encourage it as you can see in the video below:

Rudy is still getting used to the speaking valve but definitely becoming more confident…

We head down to UCLA tomorrow for an appointment with Dr. Pornchai Tirakitsoontorn (Pulmonologist).  We haven’t seen him since April so I’m eager to touch base with him and hear how he thinks Rudy is doing.  We’ll also make a quick stop in the CTICU to drop off our first batch of “Rudy Rolls“.  It will be a long day in L.A. but I’m anticipating it will be an encouraging visit.  We’ll update later in the week…

7 thoughts on “‘Just Another Day Of Therapy

  1. see lots of teeth, lots of smiles. and noises I love to hear; he will never be camera shy….love you Rudy, Nick’s Grandma

  2. Your voice is getting stronger, little one! We are so thrilled to see your progress. Keep working hard and reaping the benefits. Good job siblings and Gwen. Go for it!

    Love to all, Grandma Jo and Grandpa Dick

  3. I just love every video you post of Rudy speaking. I know how much that means to you to hear it. I can’t wait until I can hear Josiah’s perfect voice in heaven.

  4. WOW! Love his voice and he does too! Keep up the good work Rudy! And great team work from the whole family!
    With Love,
    The Borkovich Family

  5. Great to see and hear you in action big guy. Praying for super good news from your check up. Hugs & love and prayers as always.

  6. Fabulous to hear Rudy’s voice! We look forward to good news from Dr.P.
    Sending kudos to your whole Therapy Team — they are superkids!!!

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