First Week of Summer!

Like a rocket, the first week of summer sped by in warp speed!  It started off with a fun bang as cousin Heather flew in last Sunday from Alabama for a few days of SB fun.  Unfortunately, the typical “June gloom” fog and overcast skies didn’t burn off until late in the day most of the week so we didn’t have the best weather while she was here but that didn’t stop us from enjoying our time together.  We managed to squeeze in a picnic at the beach, a visit to the old mission, a tour and dinner at the rescue mission, a walk on Stearn’s Warf and a few outings for take-out in the few days she was here…a GREAT start to summer

June gloom beach outing


A sunnier stop on Stearn's Wharf


Rudy's encounter with a crab thanks to a local fisherman!


...and a fish too!


Rudy kept his distance from the pelican!


Cousin Heather is fun!


In the midst of all the fun, Rudy had his monthly cardiology appt. with Dr. Harake last week as well.  All remains stable with no real change in the heart’s condition!  We are grateful as this means Rudy’s heart is continuing to give his lungs time to regenerate and heal.  Because of a goodwill trip to Peru that a couple of Rudy’s doctors will be taking in late September, the plan is to schedule Rudy’s next heart cath/angioplasty in late October.  This is GREAT news for Rolf as the Rescue Mission’s big annual fundraiser is going to be on October 2nd so any plan to proceed with Rudy’s heart surgery will be safely past this crucial event!  Our next big appointment will be on June 29th with the pulmonologist at UCLA allowing us an opportunity to check in with the folks down south.  All is good and  we continue to look forward to a (medically) uneventful summer!!!

6 thoughts on “First Week of Summer!

  1. Good news that the surgery can be postponed till October!!! I loved the pictures of you all and cousin Heather….

    Love you and praying for you!

  2. So good to see that y’all are enjoying the beginning of your summer. Please send some of that cooler weather our way–we are way over heated around here!

  3. Great news! Love the crab, fish and pelican pics with the kids. I wonder what Rudy was thinking about it all. Prayers, Hugs & Kisses all around!

  4. Hey, Rudy, isn’t it fun to have cousins visit? Your Kansas cousins really enjoyed your visit here in May. (Thank you Heather for making it out to SB–isn’t it a beautiful city?) So glad to know your little heart is still clicking away. GO LUNGS, HEAL! Yea, Rudy!

    Hi to all.

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