Impulse Buy

Our summer offically started last Thursday at 11:40am when I made the rounds to the two schools to pick up Wilson, Max and Olivia!  What a great feeling it is to wake up with no demands on our time and no schedule to keep but the one we make for ourselves.  Of course summer brings it’s own set of challenges finding that perfect blend of  “structure” and “fun” as well as that perfect mix of “patience” and “grace” with everyone home…all day, every day.   No complaints here, though!!!  (At least not on Day 3 of summer vacation!)  🙂

All three  kids ended the school year with affirming words from their teachers and good marks on their report cards…another year under their belts and we’re so grateful for the supportive teachers with whom God surrounded them this year and the success they achieved with very little help from me and Rolf!! 

The kids and I ran a couple of errands after I picked them up on Thursday and we stopped for the traditional “end of the school year” treat…this year it was a Lego for Max, and new books for Wilson and Olivia.  While we shopped, I stumbled on the cutest Fisher Price riding toy I have ever seen…a race car with all the bells and whistles and engine sounds one could hope for…I HAD to buy it for Rudy.  It was a total impulse buy (no special occasion to justify the purchase, too expensive,  no room for another big toy in our house, etc, etc, etc) but I couldn’t resist.  Rudy’s not quite ready for it but, oh, is he ever cute:

But this alone made the purchase TOTALLY worth it…check out the smile on Rudy’s face:

Hopefully this is just a small glimpse of the fun we’ll have this summer.  Now, I don’t mean to completely monopolize your time with boring videos of my family but I just had to include this little singing session video.  Watch carefully!  Rudy clearly knows what’s going on and his mind is engaged in the happy business of “singing”!  You can bet we’ll be doing alot more singing this summer too…Ha Ha

14 thoughts on “Impulse Buy

  1. love it, even with the crash; best of all No batteries, some things never change, enjoy, Nick’s Grandma

  2. I loved the box best of all! My children LOVED to play with cardboard boxes. And a large refrigerator box gave them days and days of creative play until the whole thing ended up in shreds! Thanks for sharing the videos with us. They were delightful–especially the singing.

  3. His face surely shows it…HAPPY BOY!!!..and I think I like the Bobsled best….too bad it died 🙂

  4. Oh my gosh, those are some awesome break-dancing moves that Rudy’s got! I think we have another musician in the family. Great shots!

  5. Sometimes we just end up doing what we have to do. Look at the joy that was created !

  6. Rudy, You continue to learn new things. We are so proud of you. And it was fun hearing your family laugh and have fun with your first toy ride. A special treat for us was to hear your Mommie sing again. We think you liked that , too. Keep up the good work!

  7. Great videos! Rudy was so engaged in the singing. It will be wonderful when he gets his “voice” and can really sing along.

  8. Trish –
    Your family is such a joy! The kids are so loving with Rudy. They bring smiles to our faces 🙂

  9. The videos are precious! I especially love the one of you singing – and it’s obvious Rudy does too!

  10. Loved the songs and Rudy’s hand motions. Love, Prayers, Hugs and kisses to Rudy and family.

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