Never A Dull Moment

We had a special weekend with visiting family from Europe.  Rolf’s cousin, Astrid, and her husband, Wolfgang, flew in from Munich late last week for a holiday in America and we enjoyed a weekend filled with fun showing them around Goleta and Santa Barbara.  They were sweet to put up with the crazy goings-on in our household  and even braved a trip to the local  Drive-In with the big kids to watch the latest Shrek (isn’t it, like, Shrek 12 in 4D?) in a wicked wind storm!!!  It was a precious time and so great for the “next generation” to have another opportunity to get acquainted with extended family from Europe.  It was particularly sweet to introduce Astrid and Wolfgang to Rudy as they have been following Rudy’s Beat all this time from so far away.  Astrid said they’ve been following Rudy’s journey closely eventhough they don’t understand all the medical terms, etc…so sweet.  Well, there sure wasn’t any language-barrier for Rudy…he smiles in every language…

Some lovin' from cousin Astrid


Rolf and Rudy with Astrid und Wolfgang

 In the midst of all the family fun, Rolf, Rudy and I made a quick visit to the Polo Club Saturday evening for the local American Heart Association Heart Ball.  Rolf shared Rudy’s story at this annual fundraiser and we enjoyed an evening out.  Thankfully, Rudy cooperated and slept through the dinner and woke up just in time to be introduced during Rolf’s presentation and only needed to be suctioned ONCE during the event!  Rudy’s SB Cardiologist, Dr. Harake, was seated next to us and we had a fun chat that did not involve any talk of echos, heart caths or medication dosages!  🙂  I did, however, feel it was the safest place for Rudy as we were in a tent full of cardiologists…with three being at our table!  Ha Ha  It was an honor to be present and represent the countless heart families that would benefit from research resulting in new technology and advances in the field of cardiology.  We’re certainly grateful for our little huddle of experts and their knowledge of the “latest and greatest”!

Dr. Harake and Rudy
Another photo op with Dr. Harake

And now we start our last full week of school before summer vacation…the next 10 days will be focused on all the “end of the year” activities and special programs the kids have at both schools.  We’ll resume Rudy’s schedule of dr. appointments when school is over starting with our monthly visit to Dr. Harake’s the first week of June…we’ll keep you posted!

5 thoughts on “Never A Dull Moment

  1. What a wonderful experience for your European relatives. I can hardly wait until we have a chance to journey to California and meet all of you–sometime in the distant future–after our remodeling!

  2. After reading the past few posts, I was suddenly overwhelmed by the feeling of how INCREDIBLE of a family you guys are.
    I am honored to be apart of it through Blogworld.
    I hope Rudy doesn’t outgrow those wonderfully chubby cheeks by the time we meet him (one day) – I can’t wait to get my hands on them! =)

  3. Busy time of year for all, Family and Friends make each day a little brighter, Nick’s Grandma

  4. It has been amazing over the almost 18 years of marriage for your parents, Rudy, to follow their amazing path of faith. The people they have impacted during these years is quite a story. To be their parents has been a blessing beyond imagination. We have said many times that God chose well when you were brought into their care. Thanks for being such a little trooper as you struggle to grow and mature. We love you. Your entire family makes us so proud of all of you!

  5. Hey Trish and Rolf,
    I have a special favor to ask and was wondering if you could email me directly. Thanks,

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