A new heart for Gabriella!

I’ve mentioned before that I do internet rounds just about every morning to check on Rudy’s heart buddies.  Even though this can evoke a heaviness, it’s just something I can’t avoid doing.  On the other hand, there are mornings where it brings forth the good kind of tears, like when I read about Gabriella’s miraculous day yesterday.  What a courageous girl; what dedicated parents; what incredible doctors!

Even among an unchosen path, there is richness one wouldn’t have found otherwise.  The anguish and worry have a way of finding us–we better not let the moments of joy escape unnoticed.

2 thoughts on “A new heart for Gabriella!

  1. I seem to check – in on Rudy everyday, like he lived next door. Hope all are doing well, Nick’s Grandma

  2. I just discovered Gabriella made her way to Rudy’s website last month! Thank you so much for following and sharing the love for my Gabriella! Rudy is ADORABLE! I love the pic of him in the Jack Sparrow wig!!!!!

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