Figured It Out!!!

Okay, so I’ve been trying to figure out  how to get this slideshow I put together for Rudy’s dedication LAST JUNE on the blog and I finally figured it out this week!!!!  It’s a collection of blog pics that consolidates Rudy’s hospital stay so, obviously, it’s a bit outdated now but it’s a sweet collection set to the main title song from the movie “Rudy”.  I’m posting it mainly to have record of it on the blog but, if you have a minute, you might enjoy it.

My techie breakthrough occured while compiling a bunch of old Rudy pics for a slideshow presentation to be used next week at the American Heart Association Gala here in Santa Barbara.  At Dr. Harake’s recommendation, the local AHA office asked us to attend and share a bit of Rudy’s story for this annual fundraiser.  I’m including the information below in case you’re in the area and interested in attending the event at the Polo and Racquet Club.  It should prove to be an inspiring evening.

The Twelfth Annual American Heart Association

Santa Barbara Heart Ball

-a sunset celebration with heart

Saturday, May 22, 2010

5:30pm – 10:30pm

Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club

3300 Via Real, Carpinteria CA

For ticket information, contact Stacie Irish, Business Development Director


8 thoughts on “Figured It Out!!!

  1. Wow! That brought back a flood of memories. I had not realized how many, many steps of this journey that I have walked with you…well, at a distance and yet very connected. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. So AWSOME! Your family is a true testament to the power of The Father. It is a pribilege to share your blog each time.

  3. Oh Man, why didn’t you tell me to get out the HANKIES first?!!
    Thank you thank you for letting me enjoy this wonderful journey with you.

  4. As we played the slideshow….Marlin’s laptop was also scrolling pictures…which included similar pictures of Rudy…surreal….what a journey. The slideshow is beautiful….the gala attendees will be blessed…

  5. It brings back memories, but you live it everyday, every minute….but 11 years later; everyday is precious, Bless Rudy and his Family, Nick’s Grandma

  6. Wow. Thought I was prepared to see that, but – not really ready. Just wept my way through it, and offered prayers of thanksgiving for this remarkable journey you have invited us all to share. And what a journey it is! So difficult – so wonderful. Thank you for figuring out how to post it, Rolf! And so many prayers and blessing this Saturday as you share your story. Can’t imagine anyone better.

  7. Wish we could go to the gala! I’m sure it will be very inspirational!
    Loved seeing the video…Your lives–parents, kids have so much depth!
    God shines through you all!

  8. Wow! There are no words. Laura and I are just sitting here with our puffy eyes and runny noses simply in awe of the wonderful testimony that your family is. Thank you for being so joyful.

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