Funnel Cakes and Smiles!

Well, I’d say our trip down south to Knott’s Berry Farm was a big success.  We were up by 6am, in the car a little after 7am for the 2 1/2 hour drive to Buena Park and at the park by the time it opened!  Of course the 20 minutes it took us to get Rudy’s rig all set up and packed was agony for the big kids as they waited in view of the main gate so we sent them ahead to scope things out!  Once inside the park, we hit the ground running as we towed Rudy behind in his wagon.  Olivia decided she was up to try the wilder coasters so she started off with Rolf and the boys on a tame coaster at Camp Snoopy and when the ride was over, she was hooked!  From there she graduated straight to the “big rides” and was off with big brothers to tackle “Jaguar” and “Montezuma’s Revenge” without hesitation!  With the help of our good friends from L.A., we set up a base camp somewhere far from the roar of the coasters (Rudy DID NOT like the loud sounds and screams from the coasters) and then we were all free to come and go in different configurations to ride a ride, go for a food run or window shop all the while giving Rudy a chance to spread out on a table and enjoy the beautiful day and all the fun people to watch.  How in the world did we do amusement parks before cell phones?  When the big kids made their way through all the rides in one section, we’d pack up and move base camp to the next section of the park and so on…as long as we found a spot far away from the crowds, Rudy was content.

Snoopy and our Roller Coaster Maniac!

The hours passed quickly and finally it dawned on us in the late afternoon that maybe there was a ride Rudy could ride…so the whole gang headed back to Camp Snoopy to find an appropriate “Rudy ride”.  Not knowing they had special passes for handicapped kids allowing them to go to the front of the line, we waited in line for the “Balloon Race” reminiscing about standing in the very same line for the first time 11 years ago with Wilson…with Max a couple of years later… and then with Olivia a couple of years after that.  And there we were again with everyone anticipating Rudy’s first ride and wondering if he was going to like it.  We got him and his oxygen loaded in next  to Max and Rolf and he was all smiles!

It has been a few years since they sat on this ride...


Ready to ride Rudy?
I have to admit that both Rolf and I were a little misty-eyed when the ride was over…it was surprisingly emotional to see our little Rudy looking like his age and enjoying something so new.  The sweet gal operating the ride was touched too and when Rolf asked her if it would be okay for Rudy to take another ride with me she gave us an enthusiastic yes…
Next, we made our way to the  Choo-Choo Train…
And, finally, the kids took a spin on the truck ride….
'Not sure we imagined getting a pic like this one when we started our day at Knotts but I'm sure glad we did! Precious!
Shortly after the truck ride, Rudy fell fast asleep in his wagon rig and we spent the last couple of hours making our way back to the top favorite rides for one last turn.  We walked out of the park as it was closing at 10pm, loaded up, stopped for a quick dinner at Del Taco (we miss Del Taco), got on the road and pulled in at home at 1:30am!!!!  Needless to say, we played hookie from church this morning and slept in!  🙂
What a treat it was to have a carefree (emphasis on “carefree”) day with the family…full of funnel cakes and smiles.  Thanks for sharing both the concern and the carefree with us…we are blessed.
Here’s a few more of the smiles…

25 thoughts on “Funnel Cakes and Smiles!

  1. We just watched the video of Rudy on the rides and we couldnt help but get misty eyed too! What a special day. Thank you for sharing this with us. You guys are incredible parents who have some pretty awesome kids =)
    Much love,
    the Nelsons

  2. Oh my – the age of miracles is not past! Do you know just how huge this set of pictures is?? Oh my – how lovely, lovely to see your family, all together in a typical southern CA family setting – when your life has been so very far from typical for such a long time now. So glad you could enjoy this time together – all 4 of your children are truly remarkable. And you and Rolf ain’t so bad yourselves. :>) I imagine the joy of this day will carry you through this whole week.

  3. What a day! That is so cool that Rudy got to go on some rides and it looked like he was digging it. I love that Olivia turned into a roller coaster queen, too. I am so happy for you guys, it sounds like you had a very fun and blessed day. Love you, Kelly

  4. Just watching this story of Knott’s Berry Farm brought back a lot of memories when I visited there in 1954-1955 while teaching at Santa Ana High. I would not recognize any of it now but I am so glad yoy have had several trips there with the children…and now Rudy. You are amazing, Rolf and Trish (and thanks to Bob and Cathy for joining you–what special folks!). Special memories for all! I love you. Grandma Jo

  5. Viewing your comments and pictures of your day at the Farm was a great thrill. I am so happy that Rudy got to share the excitment with the family. What a special birthday treat for Max and the family. I am so proud of you folks. Wilson, Max and Olivia you are so good to Rudy, I love you all. Dad/GPD.

  6. Knott’s ROCKS! Our family went last May and had an equally fabulous time- love those chicken dinners and “Ghost Rider” =)K

  7. So glad you all had fun! What’s this about Grandma Jo teaching in Santa Ana? I didn’t know that! Another reason to love her as a fellow Santa Ana teacher!!

  8. 6am to 1:30 am….. are you guys taking drugs????!!! Where do you get all that energy?

    Sounds like it was a fabulous day at Knott’s! You and your kids are truely have hearts made for adventure!

    God bless you all.

  9. 6am to 1:30 am….. are you guys taking drugs????!!! Where do you get all that energy?

    Sounds like it was a fabulous day at Knott’s! You and your kids truely have hearts made for adventure!

    God bless you all.

  10. thanks again for sharing those smiles, some day maybe you will get to Ct. and we can share them together, Nick’s Grandma

  11. I was just at Knotts for the first time last week. It was pretty fun. I cannot believe how big Rudy has gotten. He is definitely not the little baby I remember. All your kids are adorable! You guys are such a sweet family and I love catching up on your blog.
    ~Emily Van Voorhis

  12. Just as precious as Rudy’s smiles are the smiles of his big brothers and sister as they enjoy Rudy’s ride with him. Your family is just oozing with love…Love you!

  13. Wow. Knox Berry Farms is a fun place, but the love of your children overshadows any amount of regular fun. Blessed.

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