Rudy’s Big Adventure

We’ve made a stop at a nice KOA a few miles east of Denver with WiFi so we thought we’d post a quick update on our trip…all is going very well!  Rolf the driving machine has driven the entire trip so far and is handling the beast like a pro and  I’ve been maintaining the cabin and so we’re a good team.  Although our RV is probably one of the oldest in the Ventura Cruise America fleet and, therefore, not the prettiest, it is running well and managed across the Rockies yesterday without a hiccup so we can’t complain.  We are laughing, though, because it  IS getting us where we want to go but not without alot of rattling and alot of jostling.  Let’s just say it isn’t the smoothest ride we’ve ever had which makes most of us feel a little worn at the end of the day but with the roaring white noise and the constant vibration in the cabin, we figure it is a VERY happy place for Rudy!  He sure seems to be enjoying it and he seriously hasn’t fussed ONCE!  He has been the most content baby I have ever seen on a road trip which only confirms that this trip was the right thing to do right now.  We decided to take the faster “northern” route because the weather in Colorado looked like it was going to be clear so we blazed through California and Nevada on Wednesday, Utah and a good bit of Colorado yesterday and hope to make it all the way to Lawrence today.  Our stops have been purposeful and quick and the kids have managed the pace pretty well.  We haven’t stopped to DO much but we sure have seen some beautiful country on a familiar route that is fun to drive….

All Systems Go! Even Rudy's giving a thumbs-up!
Rudy was wide-eyed and "cautious" the entire first day just taking it all in I think!
Waving "goodbye" to the Rescue Mission
Bye, bye to the coast! (Get used to this mirror--it's prominent in many of my pictures.)
Nevada's High Desert
Vegas, Baby!
We rolled into Vegas too late to visit our Tiffany & Co friends at the Bellagio so we hope to do that on our return trip!
Rudy and pizza dough at our favorite stop in Vegas - Metro Pizza!
End of Day One bedding down in St. George, Utah!
Rudy is jealous...he wants to be up top too...
"Nice Butt!" (a family joke that never gets old--though the amount of red rock you drive by in Utah might test this)
The base of the Rockies!
The winding Colorado River!
Rudy likes his picture window
Rudy did it! He made it to the top of the Rockies pink and smiling until we took him off oxygen to snap this pic at the Eisenhower Tunnel! Oops...Sorry Rudy, but someday you'll brag about being on THE HIGHEST FREEWAY IN THE WORLD (can you tell us that once more, Dad? We didn't hear you the first five.)

And so the adventure continues today across Western Kansas…thank you for sharing in the journey with us!

25 thoughts on “Rudy’s Big Adventure

  1. So happy to see you all having so much fun….Love you and praying that the fun continues!!! Great pictures..God bless

  2. Hey world! Wish you were here for the big reunion in beautiful Eastern Kansas. Everything is spring green and the sun is shining (today)!

  3. Awesome photos! You all look so happy and relaxed. Trish we need to see your lovely face at some point in these photos. Love you all!

  4. It looks like youi’re having a great time and making some fun memories!! We used to roadtrip in my grandparent’s RV and they are some of my favorite memories!!! Thanks for the update and drive safe!!!

  5. We used to see a lot of butts on our family vacations too!!! Look like all the kids are having a good time. Glad the weather is holding…

  6. oh my….it looks so familiar. we did this trip so many times – before the Bellagio was even there! but the rocks look very familiar
    your adventure sounds so much more….adventuresome!! and everyone is still smiling….

    many blessings….Linda

  7. WAY cool traveling troupe! Love, prayers, blessings – so glad you’re doing this memory-building adventure together. Does Vegas still smell like cigarette smoke the instant you get out of the car (RV)? Maybe the smoking ban has cut that down a tad… Enjoy your time with your folks, Trish – and give us a reflection of your lovely face in that mirror sometime soon.

  8. Looks like you guys are having a great time… fun to see the familiar scenary as we just did that drive last year! Enjoy!

  9. enjoyed pictures, seeing and sharing so much together; continue to stay healthy and safe, Nick’s Grandma

  10. What a great trip!!!! So glad you are doing it! The mirror in every picture is hilarious. Everyone is begging for a picture of you Trish, but I would love to see a picture of you and the kids, with you blocked out by the mirror! Enjoy your vacation!

  11. So suprised that you didn’t get any of the snow we have been having off and on for the last three days! Remember-there is no oxygen in Colorado!

  12. Nice to see all your smiling faces
    and some of my favoriate places —
    The desert, mountains, and coast…..
    But I can’t say Vegas makes that boast.

  13. I love the pictures. I only drove across once to KC and this is the route we took also. ( 10 years ago now) What an adventure for all of your family. I hope the kids enjoy the scenery as much as we enjoy all the pictures. Rudy looks great. Praying for the long trip across Kansas today! Lots of love to everyone. Fritz and Lorette

  14. You all are amazing! We drove to Colorado last summer . . . so I’m some familiar territory.

    Praying for safety!

  15. That last pic at the tunnel made me stop. I drive through that tunnel always on he way to somewhere else. It’s like an obstacle to my Colorado mind and not something you stop at in the night to take a snapshot with a kid who spends a chunk of his time on O2. BUt yall did. And I don’t think I will see the Eisenhower the same ever again…thanks:)

  16. Oh, I’m so glad things are going well! That is a VERY FAMILIAR route for our family also….isn’t it beautiful!! Enjoy this great memory maker vacation!! Tell your family “hi”.

  17. These pictures have brought such a smile to my face. I am so happy to see Rudy doing so well and seeing the love in these pictures is amazing. Have a beautiful Easter! xoxo LIZ

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