Countdown to lift off…


The usual view of our house became obstructed this afternoon (actually, not a bad thing if I consider all the weeds on our lawn).  We’ve taken possession the mother ship and are now configuring it for the big journey.  Efforts today were a bit hampered by three VERY excited older siblings exploring every nook and cranny of the craft, but we’ll be able to get down to business now that they’re in bed and when they go off to school in the morning.  We’ll grab them at lunch and then off we go!

No time for more…gotta get busy packing!

14 thoughts on “Countdown to lift off…

  1. Grandma Jo nearly bought out Costco preparing for your arrival..Hope you like ice cream cones( she bought 60) plus enough stuff to fill the entire back of my wagon. They are so excited they can hardly stand it. Praying for safe travels and lots of fun. See you in Kansas soon.

  2. I saw this craft in a parking lot on Calle Real yesterday, and wondered if it might be yours…. T-Minus X and counting…. BLASTOFF!!!
    Have a great trip, we will be praying for safe fun travels!!!
    God bless you all,
    Michele (and Earl)

  3. Yeah baby! Rolf is going to feel extra manly behind the wheel of that machine. Have fun; praying for your safe and fun filled journey. Love you all, Kelly

  4. I bet your family is just bursting at the seams anticipating the arrival of that mother ship. HOW FUN!!!!! Take it easy and enjoy the trip!!!

  5. Have an awesome time. We will be praying all goes well and you have the time of your lives… hugs and kisses to all.

  6. Have a wonderful adventure. I have ridden this road before to Kansas City. Its beautiful with lots to see. Enjoy a special family ride and adventure! God Bless you all!

  7. Great idea to go this way!!! Enjoy the trip…country, Kansas, and your family!!! I’m so happy you get to go….and do it in such style!!! Wish
    I could occupy a corner and go with you!:)

  8. Yes!!! The Mother Ship has landed! I new there was something strange about you folks! Have fun!!!

  9. How absolutley fun!! The Mother Ship looks beautiful. Take me home country roads to the place I belong…West, uh, let’s make that, oh, to Kansas…, la, la…. God bless you and may His travellng angels be out in full force. Which one of the kids did you say is driving??

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