Happy Birthday Maxo!

Max turns eleven years old tonight and we’ve had fun celebrating him in a variety of ways…cupcakes with his classmates and dinner at Chili’s with the family yesterday and a special Subway sandwich delivery at school today!  Max’s big birthday wish is a family day trip to Knott’s Berry Farm which we plan to take next month…something fun to look forward to…:-)

Two of the things we love most about Max is his ability to create fun and embrace his passions in life…qualities that are often displayed in our cul-de-sac:

(last weekend’s impromtu BMX stunt run)

I’m so glad Rudy has Max in his life…to show him how to live it to the fullest!  Happy Birthday Maxo!!

Oops! A little too close even for Max's comfort level...
Ribs! A Max favorite...
Max 'n Rudy
Max & the Chili's babes
Max & his sibs
March 10, 2010

12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Maxo!

  1. Hey, Max-you share a birthday with our granddaughter Audrey only she is two years older than you but much smaller than you! Hope you had a good one!

  2. Max living life to the max….luv ya man! Happy B-day

    Wow! You got to share you b-day with CHUCK NORRIS….he’s 70 today….
    So can you kill to stones with one bird, Max???
    When you do pushups does the earth move beneath you???
    Somebody needs to take Norris’ spot…and with a name like Max and the skill thou doth possess…hey…

  3. Happy Birthday, Max, from Australia!!

    If you were here, we’d take you on a dingo hunt for your 11th birthday rite of passage. Since you’re not, we’ll have to go to KFC in your honor instead.

    Best of Birthdays, mate!

    -Dave, Kim, Zane, Kyra

  4. Happy B-day, Max! Looks like you had a great celebration and I love that photo of you flying the plane right in front of Rudy; that is a great shot. Hope you had fun!!!

  5. Max it was fun talking with you by phone last evening. You were very generous to allow us to interrupt you while playing your new WII game!
    It sounds as if you were well celebrated at home and at school and at Chili’s. From our prospective, a celebration like that would make another birthday worthwhile…..but probably skipping the bike tricks !!

    Know what? We love you and wish you many more happy birthdays!
    God bless you, Max.

  6. Happy Birthday and WOW! I am the mother of daughters but since I have 2 grandsons now – have to relax and support your daring to try. May you always get the joy out of life. Sydney xo

  7. Happy B-day from all of us, Maxy! Sam, Dave, Renee and I all huddled around the computer to watch your biking videos and many more on the blog that we hadn’t seen yet…so fun! Later, I saw Sam trying some stunts of his own in our yard. (Want to guess who was his inspiration? 🙂

    Love to ALL,
    ALL the Voss’

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