Oh my, it seems we’re getting hit hard….Maxi has been getting sick every 20 minutes since 2:30pm this afternoon (it’s now 8:30pm Tuesday night).  Now Olivia has joined the chorus – both are banished to their rooms and I’m nervously covering everything in Lysol spray.  Wilson has resorted to wearing a mouth and nose mask with medical gloves and I’ll be sequestering Rudy back in our room for the night…Rolf has the first vomit watch!  Ugh, THIS of all weeks!!!  It’s discouraging but I’m hoping that because it came on so hard and fast, it will run its course just as quick and NOT SPREAD any further.  Please pray…between the sick-watch and Rudy’s suction needs, it’s going to be a long night.  Thank you!!!

9 thoughts on “Help!

  1. OH NO !!!! Hope things turn around quickly for Max and Olivia. Praying that no one else gets it! Try to get some rest today.

  2. As always, prayers for Rudy and all the family. Will be keeping you lifted in prayer for the next several days for the best possible outcome! May angels surround you and protect you with their wings.

  3. Praying that all get well soon and that God gives you supernatural endurance, and for a successful heart cath and report.

  4. Whew! Better news this morning (Thursday) Have a safe trip to L.A. Know our prayers enfold ALL of you. God speed, little Rudy, and know we love all of you so much. We will be checking the blog often today for any updates.
    Love to all…………….Grandma Jo and Grandpa Dick

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