Settling Stomachs

Okay, so I’m probably sharing too much information about what’s going on in our household but be thankful it’s not as detailed of an account as what Max and Livy were discussing this morning as they compared vomit stories with one another.  Ha  Ha  As it turned out,  Rolf stayed out in the living room all night keeping an ear on the sickos…everyone’s tummies finally settled down about 2am.  I stayed in our room with Rudy and so far he’s doing fine.  Unrelated to the events of last night, Rudy had an early morning doctor appointment with a local ENT (Ears, Nose and Throat Doc) so I got him up, ready, out the door and back again before 9am.  First thing this morning, Olivia was pretty weepy and cried as she said, “the worst part of throwing up is that I can’t be close to Rudy” (sweet girl)  but by the time I returned home, she and Max looked chipper and were soon eating saltines.  ‘Praying for a day of rest for the kiddos and a productive one for me as I finish up a few details before tomorrow. 

Although sympathetic to his siblings, Wilson kept his distance and occupied himself with a good book…

We're all becoming a little phobic...
Rudy, however, doesn't seem too concerned.
So far, so good!

7 thoughts on “Settling Stomachs

  1. I sure hope AND pray, Max and Livy will be soon up and running again and rest rest of you will stay healthy.
    What great pictures of the healthy boys 🙂
    Hugs and Bussi O + O

  2. Looks like Wilson had all the right gear for his self-imposed quarantine away from sick bay. Glad to hear Max and Livy are feeling better. And, Rudy…..Laid back as always! Praying for good results from the Cath and a solid direction/plan for the Glenn.

    Love you all!

  3. Glad you all made it through the night and seems to be on the up swing now. Praying all goes well for Rudy tomorrow.

  4. PRECIOUS PRECIOUS pix of Rudy….love the remote! Wilson looks like he’s suffering, poor child….Yay! so glad they’re perking up!!! Will be praying for the big day tomorrow while I sit in DMV….perfect day to sit in DMV….a day when Rudy needs our prayers!

  5. hard to believe, here in Connecticut; we have the same bug…..Nick sleeps in a loft bed….image not making it out of bed quick enough…… Niagra Falls……..have a laugh; Nick’s Grandma

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