Herd Immunity

We were glad to get the call from our family doctor that they had secured H1N1 vaccine for our family.  County public health has been releasing doses according to priority and, thanks to Rudy’s vulnerability, we made the cut.  Some in the field refer to this as the concept of “herd immunity”, so we rounded up all them critters and took ’em down for the shots (moooooo!).

Whatever the reason, most kids are excited to miss a bit of school.

Thumbs up in the waiting room

Getting to play “squeeze the whole family into the exam room” makes for even more fun…

We always like to see Dr. Kirk

But with the wait, the reason behind our visit starts to sink in…

Wait a minute...why are we here?

Livy the Brave said she’d go first…

That lasted!

Max was second…

Toughing it out!

Then is was Wilson’s turn…

Wilson goes to his happy place...check out Mom's discolored hand!

Then Dad shows ’em how it’s done!

That's right...they look up to me.

Trish’s was a little more exciting as her wardrobe choice meant she had to disrobe.

An end to the trauma brought cathartic release…


 Rudy sat back smugly and took it all in…

"For once this dr. visit isn't for me!"

19 thoughts on “Herd Immunity

  1. That nurse must think you are crazy. “Hi mam, can you please take an H1N1 photo of the family for our Christmas card?” HA HA! Stay healthy these next few days. My friend had a bad reaction to the shot, so just lay low until the sucker settles in. Love ya! Tell Livy she was so brave to go first!

  2. Rolf, you are SOOOO brave!!! No wonder they all look up to you! What a stud! Tee hee…Love that expression on your face! Macho, macho man…

  3. Great shots! Could not stop laughing, especially Rolf’s pic. Thanks for giving us all a laugh at your family’s expense. Now – onto the family tooth extractions!

  4. What would doctors do without us! Surely they need our business! But I bet no one brings the joy to medical care that your family does! We love you — as Maddie would say ” to the moon!”

  5. Rudy is like “Geez you guys! Getting a little shot is nuthin’!! You all are sooooo dramatic!” Love to see you guys all together, doing the family thing even at the doctor’s office.

    Love you all, LOTS!!

    PS – Wilson, can you take me to your happy place? I really need a break!

  6. more like “nerd immunity” geez you guys are sooo weird! I think that’s why we love you so much. great job on being so brave all of you. Rudy in that last picture looks a little like he might be thinking ” I can’t believe Im related to you people!”. love your family! big hugs and kisses to you all. xoxox

  7. We don’t need Sitcoms as long as you keep putting out something that’s better than anything else that makes us laugh. You are an amazing family and we love you.

    Ohhh boy I laughed when I saw this. Dramatics totally run in our family, don’t they? 😉 Love you all so much and love seeing ya’ll have so much fun together! And I can’t get over how grown up and good lookin’ those kids are! So cute.


  9. Just wanted to say hi to everyone! And a Merry Christmas!!! I wish you guys could have been at CA’s Christmas service Emmie and I were singing with the Generations Choir!!! It was SOOOO cool! Have fun!

    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas,

    Rachel W 🙂

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