While The Cat’s Away The Mice Will Play…Christmas Music!

Fun with Max

The kids and I have been flying solo this weekend with Rolf in Austin helping his parents prepare for their upcoming move.  I’ve taken full advantage of our big cat being gone by making more than one trip through a drive-thru and playing Christmas music throughout the whole house thanks to SIRIUS satellite radio.  Rolf has this odd conviction that Christmas music shouldn’t be played before Thanksgiving…and, unfortunately, the boys are following in his footsteps as they have accused me of “seasonal interference” all weekend!  I don’t care though…I’m still bigger than they are and I’m bullying my way to premature Christmas spirit.  Livy seems indifferent and Rudy smiles at me everytime I pass by singing and dancing along to the festive tunes. 

Thankfully we’ve had an uneventful weekend on the Rudy-front…no drama, no emergencies.  The big kids have kept busy with playdates, house chores, creative play and movies.  It has been a fun weekend but I know everyone is eager to see daddy when he returns tomorrow.

Here’s some of the fun on film…

Creative fun with Max and Livy


 All you Lego enthusiasts will be interested in hearing about the Bionicle sorting session we had this weekend…I asked the boys to sort through them all making sure all the pieces were in the right cannister complete with instruction booklets, etc and we were all amazed to find that their collection consists of OVER 60 Bionicles…insane!!!!!  They narrowed it down to the 5 or 6 nearest and dearest and the rest are showing up on CraigsList soon!  Ha Ha

The Big Bionicle Purge

“Just hear those sleigh bells ring-a-ling….”

13 thoughts on “While The Cat’s Away The Mice Will Play…Christmas Music!

  1. Rudy’s eyes sparkle, so does his brothers; wonder if he’ll share his freckles in time, hope all are well for the Thanksgiving Holiday, Nick’s Grandma

  2. We have been listening to Chritsmas music for weeks. We were helping Cameron pick a song to sing in church on Christmas Eve… now we can’t stop listening… we are right there with you!

    Wow… you have your Bionicles all still with containers and instructions? I am so impressed. We have them all over the place. I guess no Craigslist for ours. Bummer.

    Great to See Rudy and all are fine. Prayers, hugs and kisses to all.

  3. Thank you for letting Rolf come and visit. It is great to have him here, just to talk and of course he was SOOO
    helpful sorting stuff. Sorry you could not all come.
    We are glad that you had fun too and its ok to play Christmas music.
    We do love that great smile of Rudy’s and the playful sibs.

  4. Sorry to say, Trish, but I agree with Rolf and Nordstrom’s – we should celebrate one holiday at a time and it’s not yet time for Christmas. However, I totally affirm your perogative as senior partner of the house while Rolf is gone…take advantage and listen to your Christmas music!

    BTW, I am absolutely amazed, but not totally surprised, that you were able to find all the Bionicle pieces AND the assembly instructions for 60 Bionicles. You are so like Dad!

    Love to all!

  5. I am the heavy at my house – but Brian does have the Christmas music packed in the car for the day after Thanksgiving! I am not surprised either that you found all the pieces – you are Trish, after all. Glad that Trish spirit is shining through!

  6. OK Trish you are the only friend I know….the only PERSON I have an aquaintance with that would be able to collect 60 bioncles complete with intructions….if I didn’t love you so much I don’t think I could associate with you! You’re too amazing!

    Enjoy the melodies….we’re going to crank them up any day too….

    Loving and praying, the Vans

  7. Trish… you are so funny! We don’t know each other but one day I’m going to show up on your door step with a day pack and visit! 🙂

    Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to you all!

  8. PS. Okay…. I don’t know what Bionicles are! The only thing that comes to mind is Lee Majors as the 1 Million $ Man.

    Christmas music… I start in August with a little Amy Grant….

  9. You go, girl! Since you have been singing since you were a little girl, why stop now? I can picture you entertaining yourself and, obviously, Rudy likes it. What a happy little guy. So heartwarming to have the siblings so attentive to him. Thank you, Wil, Max and Livy! You know what? I love you!!!!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all and welcome home, Rolf!

  10. You go Trish! Hey, do you have the Elvis Christmas CD? I love that one! You keep it blasting until Rolf’s plane lands!

  11. Something tells me that Trish is singing the “Sleigh Bells Ringing” song…I know Mike will be getting the decorations for Christmas down after we get back from dinner at friends’ Thanksgiving night, probably around 8 p.m., in time for decorating early Fri. morning…

    First time to hear of a Bionicle…could you save 1 or 2 for Austin? Just never heard that name before!! Miss you!

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