Another reason to love Dan Levi

I failed at masking my disbelief when, at our last appointment, Dr. Harake reported that Dr. Dan was coming to Santa Barbara to run in a road race.  Don’t get me wrong–he’s a gifted and personable cardiologist who invents cutting edge gadgets to help little kids in the fight–but the memory of watching him chomp on a bag of Doritos during 9am rounds didn’t exactly convey the image of “runner”.

As I suspected that Dr. Harake would not be able to resist passing on my initial shock, I was given pause when I received an e-mail from Dan late in the weekend.  Instead of taking umbrage, his devotion to Rudy was very evident.

Thanks to you and Rudy, I had a dominant effort in the clydesdale (>200 lbs) division of the SB Half Marathon.  I finished in under 1:56 min with a staggering 8:50 min/mi pace.  Bilal told me that you were “surprised” to hear that I would attempt such a thing so I decided immediately to dedicate my race effort to Rudy.  When I almost suffered a myocardial infarction at mile 9 of 13, I just started saying to myself “Rudy never quits and Dr Dan never quits” – this made the last 4 miles possible!!  Tell Rudy Thanks!  I will send him my medal!!
Dr Dan
P.S.  see number 583 and please note that there were 1705 runners thus I was not last!  Also note efforts by Jenn Levi (244 overall) and Noel Reemtsen (much faster than me-#263)
Once again, I am moved by the individuals we’ve met on this journey and grateful for them.  Good show, Dr. Dan, and thanks for being one of Rudy’s heros!

2 thoughts on “Another reason to love Dan Levi

  1. Go Dr. Dan. I agree the idea of seeing him as a runner is a bit crazy, but inspirational as well. I love that he thought of Rudy for his push to make it through to the finish. Go Rudy Go and good job to Dr Dan.

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