On The Back Burner…

With Rudy’s Glenn surgery date still unknown, I’ve decided to move forward with plans for the holidays.  Expecting that Rudy would have been to UCLA and back by now, we really have lived life this fall from one cardiologist appointment to the next…afraid to plan anything specific.  With Thanksgiving and Christmas literally just around the corner…I think it’s time to put the Glenn on the back burner of my mind for now and start making plans for some holiday fun.  Unfortunately, we are restricted from traveling to be with our families for Christmas but even planning for a quiet celebration at home involves a mental shift and some preparation.  The one benefit of being in the hospital during all the major holidays last year was that I got out of making a big turkey dinner!  🙂  So now I’m looking at the calendar wondering if I can pull off my annual holiday jewelry show in addition to the fun family traditions.  It is exciting to anticipate the holidays at home and think that Rudy will get to experience cookie decorating with his siblings, the twinkling lights on a BIG Christmas tree (nothing like the miniature tree he had in his CTICU room last year) and Christmas music playing throughout the house 24/7!!! 

Christmas prep started earlier this week at Olivia’s Brownie troop meeting as we started practicing Christmas carols to sing at a local retirement home in a few weeks.  Rudy got fussy waiting in his stroller but there wasn’t a good spot for him to stretch out anywhere so I ended up putting him in my guitar case while I led the girls in their singing…He liked the view from the case, I think.  He also got to show off his new (and FOURTH official) haircut!! 

rudy in case 2
Hanging out at Girl Scouts...


rudy in case 3
...in Mommy's guitar case!


rudy in case 4


Let the Holiday Whirlwind of Fun begin!!!

14 thoughts on “On The Back Burner…

  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the ingenuity of your family! Bravo, Mrs. G! And what a cutie Rudy is in that guitar case! Prayers for a great holiday season with your wonderful family.

  2. Aunt Teresa and I have to say that Rudy is as big if not bigger than his 18 month cousin Ariana!

    Making Livy sleep in a closet and Rudy in a guitar case? What edition of Parenting 101 did you read?

  3. Ah…that brings back memories! Love the handsome boy in that big-boy haircut!!! Speaking of jewelry….I got complimented on my silverbytrish treble clef necklace today!

    Kiss Rudy for us!

    Kisses to you all!

  4. You’ve got your own little turkey in your guitar case!! And a very handsome one!! Enjoy these holiday blessings. love, Jane and Joe

  5. Where’s the “My dad is MacGyver” t-shirt?

    Thought of getting colored oxygen tubing to make Rudy festive for the holidays…

  6. Never a dull moment at the Geyling household! Rudy is the grandest guitar I have ever seen — top quality! We never know where we will find our Geyling grandkids–in a kayak, sleeping in a closet, diving for a football, or……………

    What a fun household! Oh, how we love you.

  7. Wow, I think Rudy is looking better than ever! He even has the golden glow of an accoustic! Looking Good!

  8. Uh oh! After all you’ve been through, haven’t you learned that making plans and caring for Rudy are mutually exclusive activities!! I just know he’s snickering on the inside!

    BTW, I love Rudy’s shirt…so true, so true!

  9. With 90 yr. old Dad living with us, some days I don’t get to read about Rudy, but think of him and continue to pray for your family; he gets better looking by the day , if possible…Nick’s Grandma

  10. ive seen open guiter cases before usually filled with loose change and a few random dollars…but wow what a nice chunck of change you got there in yours. not to shabby for a days work. and the best part he looks pretty comfy in there. if we all could be so adaptable to change like our little Rudy. xoxo

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