Relishing the difference of this year

Trish just e-mailed these pictures from the La Patera “Hat and Mask” Parade and it brought back memories of all that was going on last year.  We weren’t around to see this:

Didn't think you could use "cute" and "skeleton" in the same sentence, did you?

Miss Grant did a brilliant job incorporating curriculum in the affair.  What’s Halloween without kids dressing up as “The Water Cycle”?

hat and mask parade 003
Max--because you can't have H20 without an enthusiastic "O"

All observed by one cheerful spectator and another perhaps more ambivalent.

hat and mask parade 006

It seems that part of the preparations for Halloween involves discussion of what one did and wore last year, which makes me quickly aware of contrasts.  Last year, we were just coming to grips with the fact that our quick little open heart surgery with the four weeks of recovery was turning into a more indefinite stay.  I remember Trish scrambling a bit from a distance to help Oma and Opa get the kids costume stuff together.  I remember the drastic shift one felt in leaving the quiet struggle of the ICU and finding oneself in the revelry of Westwood.  I remember thinking how this unexpected holiday in the hospital was a planning glitch (instead of the first of several we spent there). 

It made me wander back to an old post from last year and filled me with gratitude over the ground we’ve covered.   I’ve seen so many more moving examples of parents who summon the toughness I was seeing for the first time when I wrote that.  Rest assured, having missed last year, I’ll relish the fun that the simple ritual of dressing up and walking around the neighborhood brings for the kids, but many of our friends around the country whose celebrations will bear unique touches due to unexpected circumstances won’t be far from my heart.  I pray that there would be unexpected beauty and encouragement for these special kids and their families.  Owen, I’m so glad you should be home in time to trick or treat.  Josiah, Moriah, and Stellan–grace and peace (and maybe some contraband candy) to you and your parents.  Come home soon!


8 thoughts on “Relishing the difference of this year

  1. Prayers for a Happy Halloween this year and a celebration of where you are at this moment in time–compared to where you were a year ago. Today is all we are guaranteed–enjoy!

  2. I love that dress up as the water-cycle idea!hmmmmmmmm Glad a year that year has passed….and here’s hoping li’l Rudy will be walking around as something cute next Oct 31st!

    Lovin yous!

  3. Happy Halloween to you, Rudy. Going to school put you to sleep? Max and Livy were into it and it made it special for them to have you, Mom and Dad there to watch the La Patera Parade.

    It is an absolutely gorgeous Fall day here in eastern Kansas today. Grandpa, Uncle Steve, Jonathan and Michael are at the High School Regional Cross Country Meet at Rimrock this morning. Aunt Michelle, Emma and I hit Starbucks and WalMart. Wish you were all here to enjoy this perfect day and some Italian Chicken for lunch.


  4. thank you, bless you, for sharing with us the joys and struggles of the past year…all with amazing grace, poignancy and humor

    blessings, Linda

  5. I know Trish going into CVS this time of year reminds me of our battles over who had better candy in there bowls…Rudy or Logan? I still think you should have worn your M & M costume. I mean the whole nerd thing was just to “normal” for you two last year. We will get together soon. maybe this week? xoxo have fun tonight! and save me some of the good candy!

  6. Happy Halloween and as they celebrate in Mexico, Feliz Dia de los Muertos which is Day of the Dead. It is very interesting how they celebrate this day in Mexico with remembering loved ones via candy sugared skulls, hot chocolate, favorite foods and the famous Day of the Dead Bread. Thank you for sharing these photos!!! They are wonderful and you all have come a long way!!! Wow! I just realized that I will need to get my fudge supplies soon! Ah, more chocolate! LOL!

    God bless!

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