Happy Halloween 2009

Halloween 003
Our very own "Bob's Big Boy"


Halloween 008
He thinks this is very funny!


Halloween 011
Wilson a.k.a. Keith Moon of The Who, Brandon the caped 7th grader, Max the Fearless Racer and Olivia the Princess Fairy


Halloween 014
Mom the Spider Queen and Dad as himself, um, a Nerd.


Halloween 013
Ready to go!


Halloween 015
Counting the stash...


Halloween 016
Still smiling...

 Happy Halloween Everyone!!! 



10 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2009

  1. Love the costumes! You all look great! We ate at Bob’s Big Boy Labor Day weekend on our way back from Las Vegas. The kids had never even heard of it before. I took their photos with Bob that day. So now they will know who Rudy was for Halloween. You look awesome Rudy. Glad you had a fun Halloween! Prayers, hugs and kisses as always!

  2. Too cool! Rudy looks too dang cute and Wilson looks cool, max looks cool and livvy looks too cute too. Rolf, I though you said that you were dressing up, but you looked like your everyday self. 🙂

  3. Wow!! Look at the Big Boy and his darling sibs! TOO CUTE!!!

    I love the little white choppers….first shot of his teeth I’ve seen!!

    Rudy, you are getting BIG! and WAAAAY too handsome!

  4. Awesome costumes. Bob, are you going to bring back the Big Boy special? I miss the great meal topped off with a hot fudge brownie. C’mon I know you’ve got connections… (oh, and can you come to Australia?)

    Also, thanks for the “stash” photo. We’ve tried to describe it to the kids, but they only get meat pies and cans of VB.

    With love,
    Dave & the Zovak Clan

  5. love the pictures, especially Rudy showing off his teeth; thanks for sharing, by the clothes, we see how much warmer it is there; than here in Conn., sending our prayers, Nick’s Grandma

  6. The Big Boy is soooo cute as are all the rest in costume,
    including the parents!!! Luci wasn’t as concerned about
    the costumes as she was the stash of candy everyone got!
    Looks like a lot of fun….great memories!

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