Godspeed, Little Man


Logan Balloon


Don’t weep at my grave,

For I am not there,

I’ve a date with a dragonfly

To dance in the air.

I’ll be singing in the sunshine,

Wild and free,

Playing tag with the wind,

While I’m waiting for thee.

I’m a bit short on adjectives to describe the week that’s coming to an end.  We said goodbye to Logan yesterday and our hearts are with Brett and Rayme and their family.  It was a beautiful day–clear with shining sun; people gathered together in a show of incredible love; images and stories of a wonderful little boy.  And it was the most horrible of days.

I marvel at the love Brett and Rayme have for Logan.  The courage that they displayed throughout his life was still evident yesterday as they walked resolutely through the ardous steps of laying him to rest and commemorating his life. 

So many words one wants to say, but none will bring the comfort one yearns to communicate.  So much gratitude for what we have, but such fear at how quickly it might be gone.  Who knew beauty and terror could be so closely linked?

I’m better at feeling yesterday than I am writing about it.  I suspect these pictures communicate it best.

4 thoughts on “Godspeed, Little Man

  1. There truly are no words to describe yesterday. The only words I can express are true gratefulness to have the Geylings as a part of our family. This was a day we were always terrified could happen, and we couldn’t have gotten through it without Rolf and Trish. Rolf, with your gentle guidance you helped us make the toughest decisions a parent has to make, and Trish with your angelic voice and grace helped choose the perfect music to soothe our pain. We were surrounded by such an abundance of love, there was a comfort in the day knowing we were not alone and that in letting Logan rest we will be ok. Thank you everyone for all your love, support, prayers and true kindness. Logan will live on in all our hearts forever.

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