First Day of School: Part 2

Okay, all that should be in school in the Geyling household are safely tucked in their classrooms and the major “closet purge” and “spring cleaning” here at home has begun!  Rudy is sitting in his bouncy chair and comes with me from room to room wondering what in the world I’m doing. 

We tried to recreate the first day of school fanfare for Max this morning…Wilson and Livy were kind of over it but Max was his typical enthusiastic self.  We’re relieved his fever finally broke and we continue to pray Rudy doesn’t get the virus as fevers have a more complicated effect on him. 

Yippy!  It's a school day!!!
Yippy! It's a school day!!!
Rudy's Sibs
Rudy's Sibs

Okay, Rudy and I are going to go figure out how to use the carpet cleaner in preparation for tomorrow’s home project…another new and exciting experience for the little guy!

9 thoughts on “First Day of School: Part 2

  1. Trish, have you and Rudy experienced the joy of cleaning that new bathroom yet? Good luck with the closets!!

  2. God bless your beautiful family!! Have a great school year kids! Rudy, take care of Mom at home. You and she can hold down the fort! Love and blessings to all, Jane and Joe

  3. Hope the fever stays down for Max !!!
    You all have a great school year. hope Wilson gets homework, he
    complained there was none. At least he is wearing his favorite shirt!!!!
    Max Happy Football, show them what you are made of !!!!
    Livy be you cheerful self and show off those reading skills.
    Trish dont work too hard on cleaning the house !!!!
    Rudy will be lonely without the sibs. I guess queit to sleep !!!!
    We love you and want to be there. Bussi O + O

  4. I have a question for you but don’t see a way to contact you other than by leaving a comment on your blog 🙂 Could you please email me. Thanks!

  5. I am sure that the cleaning experience is thrilling Rudy! Bet he misses the activity of his siblings being around all day. Prayers for no more fevers at your house!

  6. Boy how time flies!!! Great to see that enthusiasm!! My nephews and niece are all moving up in Kids Church next month (Diego – Power Pack!!!), Danielle (Intersection), and Alessandro 1 -3 grade. I tell you, life goes by too fast sometimes! Great to hear Rudy’s progress every second! Continued blessings to all the Geylings!


  7. know how you feel, I was thinking the same..about Rudy getting the virus….naturally you want all to stay healthy, but that is always a first concern with HLHS kids, Nick has a bad pulmonary artery to the left lung… we worry with colds, etc. Worry is just part of what we call a normal life)ha) all stay healthy, thinking of you, Nicks Grandma of course Mom’s can’t get sick

  8. Your kids look great. It has to be a relief to have them busy though. I know it is impossible to take care of Rudy, three other active kids, and a house! And nothing feels better than cleaning and purging the house! I love checking in on Rudy. Thanks for all your love and prayers.
    Angel Ethan’s mom

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