Rudy’s New Cap

We had such a full week getting settled into the new school year, doing normal life stuff and enjoying a fun visit from Aunt Andi who journeyed from Boston for a quick weekend visit.  We apologize for not posting an update on Rudy’s condition in a while and will share specifics soon but for those of you who need a “Rudy fix”, check out the following pics…he’s very proud of his new baseball cap.
Here comes that smile...
Here comes that smile...


rudy cap 3


rudy cap 4


rudy cap 5

26 thoughts on “Rudy’s New Cap

  1. That smile is worth a thousand words! Thanks for sharing with us. What a joy it is to see it coming on and growing into a really big moment of enjoyment for young Rudy!

  2. Sure love to see you smile! Even with out updates we are praying for you all the time big guy. We figure no news is good news.
    Hugs and kisses.

  3. We loved him without the smiles ,but boy! Is he a cutie with it! Your photos of all the kids are so cute. I think Rudy is blessed to grow up in the Geyling household!

  4. We love you precious Rudy, what a SMILE.
    and you just got another cousin. Alyssa Johanna Geyling, born tonight
    to Teresa and Alex in Kentucky.
    We love ALL our 13 Grandchildren !!!!!!

  5. You’ll NEVER be able to say “no” to a smile like that!! He’s absolutely adorable! Love, Jane and Joe

  6. The Geyling’s have caught up with the Wilson’s — each couple with 13 grandchildren to bless our lives. Yes, Rudy, God knew where to place you in a home with so much love and good looks and so many cousins that think you are a “keeper”. Keep smiling!

  7. OMG! What priceless and absolutely adorable photos of Rudy!!! In the midst of these crazy fires and all that is going on, Rudy provides a welcome dose of cheer and cuteness! Keep smiling Rudy!! God has many more great blessings in store 4U!!


  8. What a ham he is!!! It’s so great to see his smile. It’s good to see all is well with everyone and that the school year didn’t freak all of you out. Hope to see you soon, all our love and prayers. Go Rudy Go!! xoxoxo

  9. Mandee, Joey and I are here surrounding the computer monitor just smiling and commenting how wonderful it is to see this sweet, sweet face. Praise God!

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