First Day Of School…

…well, for half of our litter anyway.  Poor Max has been battling a fever on and off since Friday and woke up with another this morning so all the hustle and bustle of the past week getting ready for school culminated in big tears when we told Max he couldn’t go to school today…he was crushed.  We told him to look on the bright side – at least the pressure of “perfect attendance” is off his back!  It is a bummer and not how he wanted to start off 5th grade but we hope to get him rested up, in to see the doctor this afternoon and past this bug lickety-split.  Olivia was a little timid when we dropped her off at the elementary school by herself but she gave us a big hug and walked slowly onto the playground in search of a familiar face.  Both Olivia and Max have teachers this year that we know well and who know of our family’s situation with Rudy so we’re certain they are in great hands for what could prove to be another wacky year of adjustment. 

All smiles from the 2nd and 7th graders!
All smiles from the 2nd and 7th graders!


Fever cure:  Chocolate donut with sprinkles?
Fever cure: Chocolate donut with sprinkles?
After Olivia’s drop-off, we made our way to the Jr. High.  Wilson proudly made his way up the walk to the courtyard where all the kids were hanging out waiting for the first bell to ring.  We’re sure eager to hear how the day goes for him…it’s a big step movin’ up to Jr. High but for a boy who doesn’t like change, Wilson is facing this big adjustment with confidence and maturity.  We’re so proud of all the kids and our prayers echo the ones we prayed  last year at this time…that they will have a fun and successful year; be able to focus and be flexible during the unknowns of Rudy’s open heart surgery &  post-op recovery; be met with compassion and sensitivity from their teachers and classmates on those days when it’s hard to be at school AND see God in tangible ways…comforted by His presence in our journey with Rudy this year.    
first day of school 007

And then there is Rudy…our little goofball continues to charm with his ever-growing smile which is sporting TWO new teeth.  He has worked hard to cut those teeth the past couple of weeks chewing on anything he could get his hand on.  We were warned not to let pets chew on Rudy’s various tubes and cords to his equipment but we didn’t expect to have issues with Rudy doing the chewing…like there isn’t enough to keep an eye on! 

"Look Mommy!  I can chew on the suction unit electrical cord!"  O, good grief!
"Look Mommy! I can chew on the suction unit electrical cord!" O, good grief!

Since our last post, Rudy saw the Endocrinologist and Immunologist in town.  No new information emerged as a result of these visits…just initial consults to review his history and get Rudy on their books.  There were some changes made to his feeding schedule and respiratory treatments that leave us with a few questions but, all in all, I think we’re on the right track with his care.  We still don’t have a specific time sheduled for the Glenn…Rudy’s next appointment with the cardiologist is in early September so hopefully we’ll know more then.  We continue to pray for physical growth and strength (especially for his lungs and muscles) and that Rudy would start to tolerate baby food.  Oh my, speaking of food…I forgot to feed the poor boy his mid-morning bottle and it’s now time for lunch!  I’ve gotta run…the fast pace of the school year has begun!

7 thoughts on “First Day Of School…

  1. Prayers for all of you as you begin this new school year. And a special prayer for Max that he will get well quickly and on to his school year.

  2. everyone is looking great, who said Rudy wasn’t normal……only words from a HLHS family, Nick’s Grandma (they chew on cords; get cuts and bangs, even stitches….but NO electrical cords, Rudy} Bless all of You

  3. Love the pictures. I was thinking of you all last night as I prayed and I thought maybe school was beginning. Love to you all.

  4. I’m trying to be better about commenting on the blogs that I read regularly. Just wanted you all to know that I am reading regularly and praying for you guys faithfully. Rudy is looking fabulous! And your other kids are so precious—I still have the Girl Scout picture of Olivia on my bulletin board in my kitchen. Her smile is so sweet! I know the Glenn is inevitable, so I can safely say that I hope to see you guys sometime in the near future 🙂
    ~Emily Van Voorhis (from UCLA)

  5. Hey there!!! My does Wilson ever looked spiff…..handsome dude! Poor Max!!! Donuts with chocolate sprinkles would be my choice too!!! Olivia looks like a little doll…I’m sure by now she’s chattering with her friends. Rudy is such a big boy…when we don’t see him as often the changes are remarkable!!! Thanks for the update! We love you!!!…and are still wearing our Rudy bracelets and praying…

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