Sunday in the Park

The parenting books told us we’d have to wait about 15 years before Rudy acted out but, once again, he has his own timeline:August 10 021

Come to think of it, Olivia seems to be about ten years premature with her adolescent rebellion.August 10 012

We’re wondering if there’s cause for concern.  She doesn’t appear to be hanging out with the wrong crowd…

Water Race

Then again, they do have some destructive behaviors…Pinata

But that’s all part of the fun of celebrating your 7th birthday!

Bday Cake

Happy (early) Birthday to Rudy’s big sister!

15 thoughts on “Sunday in the Park

  1. Let’s not forget to mention Mom’s oogling over teen idols like Zac! Not surprised this is happening at all, not surprised at all Happy bday Olivia!!

  2. Happiest of birthdays Olivia!!! I remember when you and your Mom took the train down to San Diego to visit us when our Mateo was born. You were just 7 months old and adorable. We hope to see you and your family soon. Love the Eusebio’s

  3. Olivia, WAY TO ROCK OUT! I love the red hair and glasses – that is a good look for you! Happy (early) Birthday sweet girl! I hope we can see you in Sept. (maybe 2nd weekend?)

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIVVY!!!! We are so proud of what a beautiful girl you are becoming!! your such a good sister too!! xoxo

  5. Miley Cyrus and High School Musical??? Looks like you have all the bases covered! Glad to see you all having a fun, fun time – complete with bashing on that poor pinata!

    We love you in Kansas (meaning both “we who are in Kansas love you” AND “we love it when you are in Kansas”!!)

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Olivia! It looks like you had a great day! Nice to see little brother Rudy joined in the fun. Just think how much fun he will be to dress up over the years to come! ha! Love to you all, Cousin Dianna

  7. It looks like everybody’s having fun…great to see Rudy,he looks like a rebellious guys are right he has is on timeline..i remember his face when he doesn’t like what you’re doing..
    HAPPY!HAPPY! BIRTHDAY TO YOU OLIVIA…we will see you (i hope) when the girl scout cookies is in season..
    Regards to all Geyling family..I’m so glad to see all of you are doing well,especially Rudy…God Bless

  8. I love that no news is goos news with Rudy. I check on him every day and I have been getting that crazy party Rudy for a long time now, so I figure no news is good news. Still praying for you and look foward to news when it happens. Hugs and kisses to all Geylings.

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