Happy V-Day!!!

This may be a post to file under “too much information”, but seeing as we’ve posted 400 times in the last year it’s probably way too late for that.  We had another medical procedure in our family today, but this time it wasn’t Rudy.  While some of the folks in my office thought I was taking advantage of a 3-day weekend, my day started off with a 30 minute procedure on this table.Dr. Table

 Very quick and efficient as far as doctor’s appointments go…yet permanently life-altering.  Not sure if we’ve mentioned here before that a heart condition was arguably only the second biggest surprise surrounding Rudy.   His penchant for beating the odds was there from the beginning given his deft maneuvering past countermeasures deemed 98% effective.  But 2% probability is still probability.  Shortly after Livy was born we had discussed taking more permanent steps, but that fell in a crack somewhere on “the list” between going to the dentist, updating the will and cleaning out the rain gutters.  But trust me.  We’re done.

Perhaps our family’s immersion in the medical world this past year has us in a place where such a procedure is discussed with surprising candor.  A generation ago I suspect Daddy would have just been feeling under the weather for a day, but I learned that Trish felt differently when the kids greeted me in the driveway a couple days ago with giggles and all kinds of curious questions.  Amazing how brutal things can sound when medical terminology is replaced with the lunch-table vernacular of elementary school boys and a conception of surgical precision has seemingly not progressed much past that of a Civil War field hospital.

In the consultation prior to my procedure protocol demanded that the doctor explain the finality of what one is about to undertake and assess whether the patient truly feels he is done procreating.  In my case, his quick glance at the medical history alleviated any need for further questions (“Let’s see you’re 42, kids aged 12, 10, 7 and……..9 months!  Sign here!”)   

In one of the brochures they gave me to read, I was advised to take stock of my current offspring and determine whether my life would feel incomplete without any more.  I don’t think it was to be read as a joke book, but I did find it funny.  I was urged to take some time and take stock of the situation and my hopes and dreams.  I have to confess, I didn’t do much of it then but this weekend of reclining and recuperating also affords some time for reflection.  Final score:  3 boys, 1 girl.  In terms of the Geyling family, amidst siblings who appear marginal in their ability to produce male progeny, I have done my part in producing three capable of carrying on the name.  In terms of the species, I have done my part to propagate exceptional traits in my offspring—one of intelligence, creativity and rhythm; one of athleticism, charm and humor; one of grace, beauty and artistry, and one with matchless tenacity and perseverance.

You’re welcome! 


PS.  Note to any dinner guests in the near future—you might want to decline the peas.

14 thoughts on “Happy V-Day!!!

  1. Just a quick note, that you’re not really really done until you do your follow up appointments. I have friends with bonus kids due to no V-day follow up. Just an FYI.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Hugs and kisses for all!

  2. I can only say.. congragtulations!! I know about the frozen peas, corn and other “gentle” ice bags. Ahh, elevate those babies, keep them cool! And don’t decide you can go out back and put, just ask James what happens when you do that!!! I also agree with the follow up appointments, I know way too many people with post “V” day babies!!

  3. I take offense to certain remarks in this post! I may have to discuss your procedure with you. I’m not afraid of having another girl. I’m just afraid of having 4 kids period!

  4. The irony of the Cialis butcher paper is classic.

    Does the RM handle cases dealing with “post-Victory dance” Cialis dependancies?

    Doos and I had a moment of silence……. in case of emergency….

    Tuck, drop and roll….

  5. At least your family knew about it! Ron forged my signature and powered on ahead without my approval, that dog. Now, of course, he wishes he had more boys but…. oh well! No sympathy shall he get from me.

  6. Oh – forgot to mention that my OB/GYN never did his own follow-up and ended up having a little “surprise bundle-o-joy” 10 months later!

  7. As my kids would say, !I’m not usually lost for words, but at the age of 62; I’ve learnt, most Dads will do anything for a day of rest. (only joking, we continue to think of Rudy and your family) Nick’s Grandma

  8. Happy V day! We are so grateful for your contribution to our world with your beautiful children. Thank you for them! Now rest up!! Take care of yourself and we will see you guys soon.

  9. I think I like Rudi’s supporters more than the somewhat lackluster, too much info-do the follow up- friends you seem to attract. All the same, hope the peas help and go Rudi. He might be below the charts now, but heart and growth aren’t always measured on a curve.

  10. Laughing hilariously! I didn’t know that the subject of frozen peas could do that. “Snip, snip” . . . . Ohhhhhhhhh!

  11. You know those things aren’t full proof right? All I’m saying is there could be more surprised in store for you down the road…..maybe around your 50th birthday or so.

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