Making His Way Toward The Chart!


Rudy had another appointment with his pediatrician yesterday and weighed in at 16lbs 7oz to which the doctor exclaimed “Rudy is getting closer to being on the growth chart!”.  Woo – Hoo!  In regards to “normal” baby stuff, things checked out fine…he got three immunization shots and Olivia got his lollipop.  I have been delinquent in setting up appointments with the Immunologist and Endocrinologist in town and yesterday’s appointment reminded me of the pending authorizations so I came right home and got those appointments on the calendar.  I don’t think there are specific concerns but because of Rudy’s history with immune deficiences and low thyroid function, it’s good to have follow-ups with these specialists…I have to admit, though, I grow weary of introducing Rudy and his medical history to so many new doctors…it feels like we’re spinning our wheels a bit filling out the same forms over and over and repeating the same information over and over for each new doctor’s records but I guess that’s part of “establishing a team”.  Over time the doctors here in Santa Barbara will grow to know Rudy well and there will be security in that but for now, almost THREE months post-discharge, I still feel a little lost and scattered in the menagerie of Rudy’s care-management.

Rudy doesn’t seem any worse for the wear, though.  He has been feeding well, smiling more and reaching for objects held out in front of him more and more.   Our lazy days at home may be a little boring for me and the older kids, but Rudy sure loves ’em. 

Handsome 013

16 thoughts on “Making His Way Toward The Chart!

  1. He just gets cuter and cuter!!!! I feel you with all the specialist appointments. You have to go just so they can stay in the “loop”, but it’s so redundant sometimes.

  2. I bet Mom and Dad are also feeding better and smiling alot more……Bless All of You, Rudy looks wonderful, Nick’s Grandma

  3. A lot of doctors understand some kids come with complicated medical histories. You should type up Rudy’s history and print off a couple of copies. When you set up the appointment with the specialists, ask them if you can email or fax his history to them pre-visit. Or, just bring a copy with you. When they hand you the clipboard with all the complicated check box and forms, ask the receptionist if your typed medical history will suffice. Most doctors will say yes. (At least that’s what I’ve found and others with the genetic disorder have found that too.) You might also invest in a flash drive and put it all on that. You can give that right to the doctor and they can download it. Especially useful if you have digital images of things like x-rays, pictures taken with scopes, etc.

  4. Rudy looks fantastic and SO cute with his new haircut! Glad to hear he is putting on weight.

    For Garrett, I have a double sided typed up sheet of all Garrett’s information…doctor “team” names and contact info, diagnoses, medications, allergies, surgical history, hospitalizations…etc. I just say “see attached” on the form and hand the doctors my sheet.

    It is also very helpful in an emergency. I just hand it to the EMT and then I can focus on Garrett. Over the years, we’ve got the format and content perfected to the point the EMTs and doctors’ want to keep it to show others.

    I’d be glad to share it if you think it would be helpful.

    Kathy Keller

  5. We are so thankful for each step of progress with Rudy.
    Team Geyling is doing a superb job of managing all of the details and needs. Keep up the good work and be proud of yourselves! We are surely proud of all of you!

    Love to all…………………….Grandma Jo

  6. Hello to all the Geylings.
    Rudy looks more and more relaxed. Love his hair cut and that loving look he has in his eyes. Trish–you deserve gold stars for managing all the care, kids and Rudy’s schedule. Rolf, I can’t forget you because your hand is in all of it ! the kids obviously adore their llittle brother. Well, it is apparent that God placed Rudy in the right family. Hoe good is that !!!!

  7. Ditto to all of the above – great ideas from moms who have been where you are. ANYTHING you can do to keep things as simple and straightforward as possible, the better – love the one where you simply write, “please see attached!” Perfect. You all are doing an outstanding job – all of you, including that littlest one, who does indeed look increasingly relaxed and content with each set of pictures. The difference in his eyes is truly amazing. What a gift you have given him – and he has given you. Thanks for letting all of us watch and pray and wonder and celebrate with you.


  8. I continue to pray First for Rudy every night-and his family! Beautiful little boy, Trish. Hugs to you-

  9. Rudy is lookng FINE! Enjoy all the “lazy” days you can!

    Love to all!

    PS – Obama’s gonna fix everything so that going to the doctor won’t be such a hassle…just hang on a few more mon…yea…well, just hang on!

  10. Hey y’all!!!! Rudy is looking so wonderful….I sure hope that suggestion for being able to type up all the info needed…and the “See Attached” works….Forms are hateful!!!! May God continue to grant you “rigor-morale ” (or morale in the rigor) for the rigormorale of Rudy’s care. (I know I spelled that wrong…)

  11. Way to go Rudy!! We just missed you at UCLA. We were there for a pacemaker check up with Dr. Shannon. I’ll call soon, Logan’s first bday is coming up! So glad to hear all is “normal”. xoxo! Go Rudy Go!!!

  12. I must say…you, Rolf and God make amazingly good looking children! Rudy is magnificent.

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