Rudy may be behind in many ways developmentally but no one can argue his stellar performance in the hair-growing department.  After Dr. Rick accused us of blow-drying Rudy’s mane to get that frothy trademark look of his, I decided it was time to give the boy a real haircut.  Wilson and Max didn’t have their first “big boy” haircuts until they were nearly 2 yrs. old…Rudy was way overdo at 9 months!!!  So, with Rolf’s help holding the poor boy upright and still, the curls fell fast with every snip of my scissors.  What emerged is a handsome boy looking well beyond his years (or months?).  In addition, now that the rest of his hair is shorter, his bald spot in the back doesn’t look quite as obvious!

Rudy was pretty happy with his old look!
Rudy was pretty happy with his old look!
He's a little suspicious!
He's a little suspicious!
NOT liking the experience!
NOT liking the experience!
The many faces of Rudy…

Handsome 007

Handsome 009

Handsome 012

Happy to be done with the whole thing!
Happy to be done with the whole thing!


Another precious milestone under his belt!

37 thoughts on “Handsome!!!

  1. That is the most AMAZING set of pictures I’ve seen in a very long time. Oh my goodness, what a miracle we have here. Do you know how WONDERFUL he looks??? How beautiful, we’ve always known. But the personality? That’s really coming through now, big time. Oh, thank you Lord for the power of love, the gifts of medical science, and the healing mercies of time with family. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking the time to post all of these wonderful, miraculous photos.


  2. handsome he is, his eyes tell all, and by the way Mom’s hands are working , I think she has given many haircuts. Things are looking good, in so many ways, keep it going….Nick’s Grandma

  3. When Rudy smiles right at the camera, I am so sure he is smiling just for me! He captures my heart all over again.

  4. That boy is one handsome dude! Pictures were wonderful! I can literally see how much he has grown up since you brought him home. Prayed with Oma at Mass this a.m.

  5. I wish to god I lived in California because I would so be kissing those cheeks. He always looks adorable and I think that he looks just like the other kids . wow great pics !!

  6. Wow, he is REALLy cute… though you got me a little worried Trish waving the scissors around with your half empty Carona on the table! 🙂

  7. Another beautiful Geyling. Good haircut by the way Trish. I too was a little worried about who was drinking the Corona.

  8. What a startling set of photos….Rudy is growing up in leaps and bounds! Handsome boy, that one!!! Mom, you did a great job!!!

  9. Very handsome, but I don’t think he was unhappy because of the haircut, rather the pink Bumbo seat he was forced to sit in for said haircut.

  10. We love the hair cut and the photos! Still praying for you all. Have a wonderful summer. hugs and kisses.

  11. Wow!! Where does the time go. It seems like we were sittin next to each other just the other day down the hall from each other and now we are on first hair cuts and birthdays!!! Love knowing what has been going on with you all. Cant believe the boys jumpin off the roof like that though….whew! crazy… and I love it I would have done it with them! I got the picture by the way thanks. I love it!! Kiss everyone for me and big squezzes as well. xoxo Go Rudy Go!!

  12. He looks great. Trish-this brought back so many memories of you giving me haircuts back in UWP days (and I think I made some of those same faces – it was the 80s so feathered hair and the mullet were very precious!!!

    Thanks for the great pictures and updates. Know you are all in my thoughts and prayers daily.

  13. OMG! What priceless photos. What? Beer instead of Tequila? LOL! How great God has been and just by looking at these beautiful photos is an even greater testament to his great plan and works!!

    Go Rudy and love to all the Geylings!!!!


  14. Great pics and a great haircut, though I have to say the shaky-cam was making me nervous about those scissors so close to Rudy’s face! Memories of trying to give haircuts to squirmy kids…. Rudy looks wonderful!

  15. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful boy!! How did you get him to make all those faces? Hmmmmmm, the beer?

    I love tracking with you guys…the jumping off the roof into the pool? If I was a kid I’d been hanging out with you guys all the time!

    God bless you all with continued strength, peace, humor and His presence… (and lots of roof jumping angels!) 🙂

    Jo Saraceno

  16. OK – who got the beer before the haircut??? Absolutely precious little fellow with his new haircut.

    Katie’s Nana

  17. I liked the old Don King Look, Bur change is good, with a thin mustache he would look like a young Errol Flynn, one of my favorite actors, and alltime heartbreakers

  18. Olivia comments:
    “What a handsome and cute boy! He is so big. He’s just like his brothers. His eyes are so blue…I love looking into them.”
    violets are red.roses are blue.rudy’s so cute i don’t know what to do.

  19. Roses are red, violets are blue. I love Rudy, and you should too! Plagiarized by Kylie and Austin.

  20. WOW! Trish you ARE a whiz with those scissors… another talent of yours! Rudy is getting so big and in Nick and George’s own words, after they saw these photos, “Everyday he gets cuter!” Thanks for sharing! You can tell you guys are having a GREAT summer! Much Love, Lisa, Paul, George and Nick

  21. Gorgeous! Absolutely amazing! Okay so Wilson and Max, I think you are going to have trouble with this little brother because he might steal your girlfriends. ha And Olivia, all of girlfriends will want to come to over JUST to see your baby brother. ha

  22. Oh my…Rudy is soooooooo very adorable Trish!!! He is looking mighty handsome sporting that new hair cut. We love you and continue to pray for you. Thanks for continuing the blog…we love seeing the pics and reading the updates on his progress. Tom continues to chant “Go Rudy Go!” 🙂

  23. We LOVE Rudy’s haircut and all his handsome poses. And the silly one had us giggling forever! We love you.
    Mayali and Kyra

  24. kjuioplhyfiewooUY777tty7Y6t7u8u8tt9i999ko85o6666iiiiio006768 ,mnnnnnnnkw we love your poses Rudy especially the funny one it made us giggle forever.

  25. What a handsome dude that Rudy is. Perhaps someday he and Rebecca can meet – they are both miracles from God. I especially like the one with the sunglasses and the “red hair” – you have a beautiful family and are such an inspiration to us all. Janet Schafer, Chesapeake, Va (friend of the Lierz family)

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