Countdown to Discharge

As I write this, Trish is just a few exits away from UCLA (the last couple miles on the 405 can make the otherwise smooth drive interminable).  I spoke with Nurse Courtney this morning and she reported that everything is a go to go through the discharge process once Trish gets there.  I’ll be by the computer to give updates on the journey back home.  Here’s praying that Rudy has no idea what’s going on until he’s well underway.

It bears mention that this is NURSE APPRECIATION WEEK.  I’m not sure there’s a group our family has greater appreciation for.  So I’m going to re-watch the slideshow of Team UCLA a few times today.  Any nurses checking this should track down Trish today as the “Queen of Thoughtful Gifty Things” will not disappoint.  Many thanks to all our Superstar Nurses!!!!

4 thoughts on “Countdown to Discharge

  1. “YEAH”, oops, I meant “yeah”, we don’t want you know who to catch on.
    Thats why I am typing so quietly. : ) Besides being adorable that little boy is one smart cookie with plans of his own.We’re praying for you all. Lord , please open up a path on the side sreets, the 405 and the 101. With tree trimming closing a lane N bound today at the Santa Claus area in Carpinteria until 2:30 it may take a few minutes longer.

    God bless all Geylings everywhere today! And keep them safe! Amen

  2. Praying that you get to eat more of that icing, with everybody home and in good health and virus-free!

  3. Thinking of you all and praying every day for Rudy and our Rebecca.
    Rebecca got a cold and ended up in the hospital this week, she is improving. God Bless you and your family. Janet Schafer, Chesapeake, Va

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