Stayin’ Put…

…very sad!  We were so close to going home but at 5am this morning Rudy took a turn for the worse and we are back where we were last week.  He spiked a high fever, battled a heart rate over 220 for a few hours (It’s currently at 203), was put back on the ventilator and we are now waiting for word from Dr. Andy whether or not we can attempt another picc line (Did I mention I’m sad?).  The hardest part is watching him fuss for so long…he hasn’t slept in hours even with the help of Tylenol and 2 methadone rescue doses.  Saint, I mean, Nurse Sam and I gave Rudy a bath which helped calm him a little bit but he’s still pretty restless.  Most likely he caught another virus bug but we’ll have to wait 2-3 days for the cultures to come back to be sure.  So, we wait.  Please pray for the kids today…they were sweet and agreeable yesterday but I’m afraid today’s news could be discouraging (I know it is for Mommy and Daddy…we’re sad).  I’m very grateful for Drs. Andy, Sonal, Mary and Nurse Sam today…if we have to stay, I’m glad we’re in good hands.  I’ll update again later today…

24 thoughts on “Stayin’ Put…

  1. Ohhhh my gosh! This can only mean one thing for me! I will REALLY enjoy doing Tae-bo tonight. I am talking about giving Satan some MAJOR kicks in the face (and other parts!).

    I lift you all up in prayer right now (and always). As I heard a sermon from Joel Osteen earlier this year, the more intense the obstacle, the CLOSER you are to God’s vicotry. I truly believe it, dear Rolf and Trish!!

    I pray for his perfect peace for all of you!!

    Love and hugs!!

  2. Another detour on Rudy’s path…..but God knows where, and His arms are around Rudy…..and Livey and Max and Wilson, as well as Mom and Dad. Know how much you all are loved.

  3. I am very sad to hear these news, and was really pleased to start seeing good news, specially with the discharge. I pray that this will not be the start of a long hospital stay, but that this will be just a few days’ recuperation time.
    My heart is with you guys, and I am very touched by Rudy’s life. I wish there was anything else I could do, but I will stick to praying and interceding for little Rudy. I pray that his brothers and sister willl stay strong through this, until Rudy returns home, and you are back to be all under one roof, one more time. Much love and prayers.
    Faith and Richard

  4. Go ahead and be sad…..He knows every tear that falls…

    “I am still confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take and wait for the Lord.” (Ps 27:13,14)

  5. Trish and Rolf, Tanya said it correctly and Joel Osteen preached it correctly. Not only about drop kicking satan up the “wazu” but also being closer to victory. I hope I am as “G” rated as can be giving the devil whatfor. A few Miss Piggy “ahyaas” right now would feel real good. Let loose of our precious Rudy in Jesus name! And everybody said, “Amen”! Love, Cousin Dianna

  6. I am really sorry to hear this Trish. I know how much you want to go home. Audrey and I really enjoyed getting to see you last night. May you get home quickly. With love and prayers, Michele

  7. Feeling sad for all of you too. So sorry to hear about Rudy’s setback. Praying that you will be home soon.

  8. Dearest Ones, You know you are never far from our minds and prayers.
    Love you lots. I will call the kids later.Bussi Oma + Opa, Andi and the girls

  9. Oh Trish ( and Rolf and kiddos), So sorry about another dreaded viral bug. Please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do for you. UCLA isn’t that far (35 minutes- non traffic on the 405) from my house. I could sit with the little guy while you went into the village or something. Never hesitate to call me! Praying hard for you, Cindy

  10. Rudy and this Rock n’ Roll rollercoaster! Sad to hear that he’s not on his way home where he belongs. Guess he really missed all those beeping monitors, poor mom and dad! Many prayers are going out to you all, especially big brothers and sister!

  11. Joining with you in being SAD, but also confident that this latest uphill climb on the Rudy-coaster will come to an end…hoping that it will be a short ride up and a good “coast” after Rudy reaches the next summit. Praying for peace and comfort along the way!!

  12. thoughts and prayers for all of you, hope Rudy can rest, and Mom and Dad, check for up-dates often, Rudy :keep up the fight, love you little fellow, Nick’s Grandma

  13. Don’t even know what to say……….so very sad………tears in my eyes as no words or thoughts even form in my mind. So sorry I am sad with you.

  14. May Rudy recover quickly from this latest bug. I will be praying hard. I hope you get to go home very soon! Love you lots, Allison

  15. I share your sadness……………….many prayers from the Pacific. Rest well and heal little Rudy.

  16. As I leave to visit the Alabama Connelly’s, my heart is aching for you and your entire family. I will continue to pray God’s intercession and His perfect will for your family. This little boy has already made a big impact in the lives of many people.

    My prayers and thoughts are with you.
    Laurette Connelly

  17. Oh bummer! So sorry! We are sad with you. But this too shall pass! He is with you! Be strong with Rudy!

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